Whole Blank T Shirts for Boys and Various Fabrics

Wholesale Blank T-Shirts for Men

How should you buy wholesale blank t shirts for boys? Any ideas? If no, then it means that you are inexpert at picking the right kind of a t-shirt for boys. You only need to contemplate one thing if you want to buy boys’ t-shirts that is, the t-shirt fabric. Yes, the fabric of a t-shirt can tell you what it holds for you. To get yourself a high-end quality T-shirt; Go Here. Let us see the characteristics of the different fabrics of which t-shirts for boys are usually made up of:

  1. 100% Cotton T-Shirts for Boys:The t-shirts that are made up of 100% cotton are very breathable. Such t-shirts for boys are less prone to retain odors ad lose shape. They are easy to maintain, as they do not require tons of washing instructions. The t-shirts for boys that are made up of 100% cotton are very soft. These t-shirts can be screen-printed with ease.
  1. 100% Polyester T-Shirts for Boys: Possibilities become endless with 100% polyester t-shirts. Polyester t-shirts are ideal for events, competitions, businesses, and just for fun.They are also impeccable for school activities like field days, field trips, and sporting events. The t-shirts for boys that are made up of polyester are robust and resistant to stretching and shrinking. They can be dried by leaps and bounds, and they are wrinkle and abrasion-resistant. First and foremost, they can be easily washed.
  1. Cotton/Polyester T-Shirts for Boys: Cotton/Polyester fabric, as the name indicates is a fabric that is, a blend of cotton and polyester. Cotton/polyester t-shirts for boys are very popular. Such a fabric has a combined strength of cotton and polyester. This fabric can be washed easily without shrinking. This fabric lasts longer than 100% cotton or 100% polyester fabric. This fabric is wrinkle-free. This fabric is cheaper than 100% cotton or 100% polyester fabric. In other words, wholesale blank t shirts for boys enjoy the best of both worlds with cotton and polyester characteristics combined in a cotton/polyester blend.
  1. Cotton/Polyester/Rayon T-Shirts for Boys:Another popular fabric blend is a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. What is rayon? It is a semi-synthetic fiber. The t-shirts for boys that are made up of a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon are soft, durable, and stretchy. The softness of such t-shirts is owing to cotton, their durability is owing to polyester, and their stretchiness is owing to rayon. This tri-blend fabric is perfect for loose fit t-shirts.
  1. Polyester/Spandex T-Shirts for Boys: Spandex is also known as elastane or lycra, and it is a synthetic fiber that is, best known for its elasticity. Usually, polyester/spandex t-shirts are used in athletic t-shirts with spandex responsible for t-shirt stretchiness and polyester responsible for its durability.
  1. Cotton/Spandex T-Shirts for Boys: When spandex is combined with cotton, then the t-shirts made of these two fabric blends become soft because of cotton and durable owing to polyester.
  1. Cotton/Lurex T-Shirts for Boys: If you want a glittery appearance on boys’ t-shirts, then you can never go wrong with lurex. The blend of cotton and lurex t-shirts has a glittery appearance, and they look very versatile. In cotton/lurex t-shirts, you may feel the desired softness because of cotton and glittery appearance owing to lurex.

 These are the most common fabrics, which are used for manufacturing boys’ t-shirts. Every fabric in a t-shirt has its importance.

Should You Go with a Single Fabric T-Shirt or Blended Fabric T-Shirts?

This is the question that is, need to be answered. You can either go with 100% cotton or 100% polyester t-shirts or blended fabric t-shirts. Every fabric in wholesale blank t shirts for boys serves a different purpose. For instance, 100% cotton t-shirts are easy to maintain but expensive, while t-shirts that are a blend of cotton and polyester are cheap; however, they exhibit the properties of cotton together with polyester.


The only thing that you judiciously need to carefully look at while buying boys’ t-shirts is the fabric. There are several fabrics of which the t-shirts are made up of. You will usually find t-shirts either made up of 100% cotton or 100% polyester, as these two materials are very unique in characteristics. T-shirts that are a blend of cotton and polyester are also very popular, as such t-shirts enjoy the characteristics of cotton plus polyester. If you want a stretchy, durable, and soft t-shirt for boys; then we suggest you, give a try to t-shirts, which are a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. Similarly, if you are after athletic t-shirts; then we suggest you, give a try to t-shirts, which are a blend of polyester/spandex. Cotton/Lurex blend t-shirts can provide you the desired softness and glittery appearance. All in all, every fabric for a t-shirt is unique in terms of its characteristics; so you should never underestimate the importance of t-shirt fabrics.