Why is Magento eCommerce Development Company Better than Other Platform Agencies?


Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce website platforms that have ever existed. It has been written in PHP. It was first released on 31st March 2008 by Magento, Inc. It has been designed using the Zend framework. Many companies like Hermès, Christian Louboutin, Landrover, Liverpool, and Ford use the Magento eCommerce development company. In 2013, it was declared as one of the most popular platforms of eCommerce web development. It owns more than 2.5 million online shops, and all the other sites own more than 2.8 million online shops. That is quite a significant share.

Magento has plenty of advantages over other development platforms. Additionally, the Magento eCommerce development platform offers distinct amazing features that make it stand out as the best eCommerce platform. Here are some reasons why Magento eCommerce development is recommended over other platforms.

Free to Use

Magento is an open-source platform, i.e., it is free. It has three versions.

  • Community Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Go Edition

The community edition is free and the most widely used one. It still has many features and gives you much access, even though it is free. The other two versions are paid, but they have an even wider variety of functions. Thus, it is one of the main reasons why the Magento eCommerce development company is superior to other websites platform companies. Also, because of this, it is one of the most primarily used eCommerce platforms.


Whenever there are new updates available, it updates itself. This handy feature saves time, and you don’t have to sit and update it first, then wait for it to get updated. This feature is mainly not available on other eCommerce platforms. It makes Magento special. It is one of the reasons why the Magento eCommerce development is better than other eCommerce platforms. Therefore, this is why the Magento eCommerce development company is preferred.


Magento offers much flexibility to its users. You can use it for customization, changing content, change of the theme, changing the look, and even for SEO. You can build it according to your ways to make it help you reach your goal. Magento eCommerce’s flexibility makes it better than other platforms.


Magento offers a wide range of features with it. Its features are simple and easy to use for all. A large number of features with its ease of use make it better than other eCommerce platforms. Additionally, there is an extra feature to add custom extensions from Magento connect. It is something that only Magento has, and you won’t find this on any other eCommerce platform. So, a few of the features are listed below.

  • External Plug-ins Architecture
  • Theme Customization
  • Multiple payment and shipping options


As compared to other eCommerce platforms, Magento eCommerce development is the most SEO-friendly of them all. So, here is how it is SEO-friendly:

  • It let you sell various products digitally, unlike a few other platforms
  • For running an online store, it is crucial for the site to rank
  • Google helps in indexing your page. Additionally, the community edition of Magento is responsive. That helps it even more.


Security is the priority of any store owner. Magento takes care of that too. We always want to make sure that there are no bugs or vulnerable spots. It ensures that with the help of the following:

  • It uses tools like CAPTCHA, Access Control List, SSL Certificates, Staff Actions Log, etc.

The Magento eCommerce development is preferred over other eCommerce platforms because of the listed measures. Magento guarantees the privacy and safety of the store.

Price Flexibility

Although Magento is an open-source platform, there are premium options, which take the store to a whole new level by bringing much new stuff. That does require money, but it is worth it. It offers many exciting features. The most worthy ones being:

  • B2B support, Advanced Promotion, Advanced Merchandising, Advanced Content Management, Advanced Targeting, Advanced Segmentation, and Advanced Search.


Magento holds the spot for being the most trusted and popular eCommerce platform. It is used on a global level and has millions of users. It was released in 2008, which means it is not new in the market. But it is adaptable, and it has been adapting with all the updates in technology since then. It was also declared as the most popular eCommerce platform in the world in 2013. Here are some facts about Magento that will surely make you trust it:

  • Magento is responsible for powering 1.2% of the whole Internet
  • It has more than 9000 extensions. Therefore, you have a wide variety to choose the best one for you.
  • Undoubtedly, Magento is a considerably more used ecommerce web design platform and developer choice. Magento is so popular that ‘Magento’ itself has been searched on Google more than ‘eCommerce,’ which is its niche.

Bonus Reasons to Prefer Magento eCommerce Development Company

Here are a few ideas as to why Magento eCommerce development is preferred by most of the companies:

  • It has a well-organized back end
  • Magento uses cross-sells and upsells which makes it generate even more sales
  • It has a vast community of developers. So, there is always support out there for you if you face any problem
  • Magento has a mobile-friendly setup. As a result, more users and audiences will connect to your eCommerce business website. Countless eCommerce platforms do not have mobile-friendly configurations, but Magento is responsive
  • It has efficient product management. It allows you to add multiple images for multiple products and price them separately with almost no complications


Due to all these reasons, and many more, Magento is the first choice of online store owners. More than 250,000 sites use Magento. Overall, it offers excellent business experience and a great sense of security at the same time. Since its release, Magento has come a long way. It has defeated all its competition and remained at the top, even after facing many difficulties. Thus, these were all the reasons why the Magento eCommerce development company is chosen over all other eCommerce platform companies.