Why Should You Customize Your Pillow Boxes?


If you want to launch your gift line or soap range and make it eye-catching, opt for kraft pillow boxes wholesale custom packing. Whenever it comes to unique and smart packaging, the first thing that comes up in mind is custom pillow boxes. Pillow boxes are famous for giving a spark to your packaging. These boxes are versatile, and you can use them to pack small things such as jewelry, bakery items, and chocolates.

Custom pillow boxes provide an excellent way to reduce the waste burden from the planet. Moreover, these boxes are appealing enough to attract customers and drive sales. Comparing with other packaging boxes, you would find that custom pillow boxes are economical. Let’s have a look at the benefits of custom pillow packaging.

What Options You Have In Custom Pillow Packaging?

In custom packaging, you have a plethora of options to choose from. You can have any material ranging from cardboard to kraft paper for your wholesale pillow boxes. In addition, you can choose color schemes such as CMYK and PMS. If you have a lower production budget, you can go for offset printing, and if you do not have any budget limitation, then digital printing is the best option for you. Moreover, for designing, you can experiment with different box styles, such as rigid boxes and die-cut boxes.

If you want to enhance the outlook of your custom pillow boxesyou can use add-ons. For example, to give a professional look to the boxes, you can have glossy or matte coatings on them. Similarly, to make your brand’s logo more prominent and fascinating, you can use embossing, debossing, and spot UV.

Why Is There Need For The Brands To Shift Towards Eco-Friendly Packaging?

The rising global temperature due to packaging waste and vehicular or industrial emissions make it the need of the hour to have green packaging USA solutions. If you own any brand, no matter how big or small, you are playing your part in depleting the environment.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the waste load on the landfills and keep your environment clean, then be conscious about your choices. Investing in the right kind of packaging material boosts up your product presentation and enhances the quality of the planet. Green packaging materials such as kraft, cardstock, and cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable. Cardboard shipping boxes are also perfect for protecting the products. Moreover, customers can use these materials in the compost. This way, you will be able to reduce environmental costs.

How Can Custom Boxes Allow You To Communicate To Your Customers?

Custom boxes is the best way to develop a customer and retailer relationship. You can print anything you want to convey to your audience on your boxes. This way, your word will have the maximum reach, and there will be no communication gaps between your audience and you. You can convey public service messages by printing them on the boxes. Moreover, you can spread awareness among your customers and encourage them to reuse and recycle their waste. Similarly, you can add the product’s details on the personalized pillow boxes.For instance, you can add the manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredient list, and much more.

Custom printed pillow boxesare available in a wide range of variety like handled pillow boxes, die-cut pillow boxes, folded pillow boxes, kraft pillow boxes, wedding gift pillow boxes, and window pillow boxes, etc.


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