5 Dressing Codes for Tapered Pants


With the increasing popularity of the retro style, different kinds of retro staples are well-accepted by people, for example, the tapered pants.

Featuring a loose fit from the waist to the thigh and only get narrower past the knee to the ankle,  tapered pants could flawlessly balance the silhouette—hide your belly and hip but can still highlight your waistline, which is especially good for the pear-shaped or the apple-shaped bodies.

In addition, most of the tapered pants are made of linen, cotton, or satin that would be so comfortable and cooling to rock over the course of the summer months and inject an extra touch of draped beauty as well. Now, go ahead to see these 5 dressing codes for tapered pants to get a perfect combo for your everyday wear.

1. Tapered Pants+ T-shirt

A t-shirt and tapered pants are surely your no-brainer casual outfit that you need when you have no time. Finishing the look with a pair of flats or sandals and some statement accessories, such as hats, sunglasses, scarf or earrings are a guaranteed way to add a vintage vibe and inject a sense of stylish effortlessness into your look.

Or you could perhaps get a little more creative on the shoes and complete this getup with sneakers or athletic shoes.

2. Tapered Pants /Jeans+ Blouse

Team up with a polka dot blouse with tapered jeans/pants if you are aiming for vintage, edgy outfit. For an extra sense of classic, please add a pair of mules or heels.

Lace blouse or sheer blouse is also a good idea to achieve a sexy vibe immediately —you will feel all-too-perfect with any kind of tapered pants.

3. Tapered Pants+ Dressy Shirt 

This getup makes no mistake —these two are either office-appropriate or elegant, helping you look polished and awesome for every formal occasion.

However, if you are a fan of casual style, a cute oversized shirt is a great pick to create a sense of carefree and laze feel. Rock up this combo by slipping into a pair of sneakers or flats to highlight the laid-back aura.

4. Tapered Pants+ Tank Top 

During the summer months, consider teaming up a tank with tapered jeans/pants for an everyday outfit and finishing off with a pair of slip-on shoes or sandals, which is easy to pull together and helps you look awesome and a little sexy without spending a ton of time in searching through your wardrobe.

5. Tapered Pants+ Sweater / Knitwear 

In the cold months, go for a sweater/knitwear and classic tones of tapered pants, such as black, white, khaki, and gray that will integrate really well within your daily casual mix.

You can also introduce a blazer to fall somewhere between formal and relaxed. Or get a bit experimental on an H-shaped coat for a sleek silhouette and sophisticated vibe. These pieces will look great worn together.