Things You Need to Consider before Buying Full-Length Bed Wedge for GERD

Bed Wedge for Acid Reflux

GERD or Gastroesophageal Prefulx Diseases is quite uncomfortable. It is a digestive disorder that makes your stomach juices, foods, or fluids to travel upwards from the stomach. It can make sleeping worse, and a lot of patients often suffer from lack of sleep. The best way to counter GERD is to buy the  full-length bed wedge for Gerd

Bed wedges or full-length wedge mattresses are specially designed to firm foamy mattresses or pillows with an inclination. In general, these pillows come with a tilt of 4.6 degrees to 5 degrees. The inclined edges can be placed under the standard mattress or over the bed of patients. It makes an elevated platform. The inclination or elevation creates barricade and prevents the juices from traveling upwards.

Bed wedges are available in different shapes and sizes. You can buy an edge for single beds or double beds. For large-sized double beds, you can purchase wedge pillows in two pieces. All of them are available in the standard inclination. If you need a steeper wedge with a higher gree of tilt, you can opt for customized  full-length bed wedge for Gerd

Here are the points that you need to consider before you start your shopping for a comfortable bed wedge for your Gerd-

  1. Consult your doctor

The best way to find a wedge pillows is by consulting with your doctor. Usually, doctors prescribe bed wedges if you have GERD or any other gastronomical syndrome. But, make sure to have a detailed discussion with your physician. Ask them about the inclination, the design, etc. If you need some recommendations, ask your doctor. They can provide you details bout the best available options within your budget.

  1. The wedge size is important too

The wedge size also matters. You need to ask your doctor about which size of wedge they want to recommend. If they do not, try to buy a wedge that supports your bed style. A wedge of the same quantity of your bed offers the best comfort. Here are some available sizes in the l*w*h format-

  • Narrow single bed wedge: 2000*760*180-20 mm
  • Single bed wedge: 2000*910*180-20 mm
  • Double bed wedge: 1900*1360*180-20 mm( these bed wedges are available in two equal parts)
  • Queen bed wedge- 2000*1520*180-20 mm( to narrow wedges of the same size)
  • King bed wedge: 2000*1820*180-20 mm9 available in two single halves)
  1. Make sure to check the inclination

The central importance lies in inclination. In general, doctors prescribe bed wedges with an inclination of 4 to five degrees. The standard bed wedges incline to 4.6 degrees. But, the degree of tilt can vary for different p[eople. Hence, make sure to ask your doctor about the inclination for the best results. You can also get customized bed wedges as per your choice.

  1. Materials

The material if the wedge is essential here, It should be firm yet soft, Un general they are made from memory foam or polyurethane foam. If you are a side sleeper, then memory foam bed wedges are your ideal choice. Memory foam is firm, but they mold into your shape to offer your comfort. But, if you are a back sleeper, invest in a good quality polyurethane foam wedge. Polyurethane foam is firmer and is ideal for offering support to your back.

You can follow these tips to buy the best available bed wedge for yourself. It is better to choose a model after through research and trial. You can visit a shop and try out different wedges and choose the most comfortable option available there.