6 Digital Marketing Trends You May Have Missed

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One of the fastest evolving fields today present is that of digital marketing. Since coming into the mainframe a few years ago, the rise of digital marketing has been steep and has been filled with unexpected and unseen developments almost at a yearly pace, if not much sooner.

What this means for anyone entering the market and looking to be a digital marketer or engaging in digital marketing is that they need to ensure the tools, information, and techniques they are working with are up to date. It is impossible to imagine trending in the digital world without the trending tools and techniques at your disposal. Let us look at what are the newest six trends as of right now.

  • Short videos are trending – Be it Tiktok or Reels, the new mode of short, crisp videos are everywhere on the internet today. Many platforms work only in this format, and many others have a separate space for these. With a large section of the digital audience today on these platforms, ignoring these will be at risk to your brand and company. Making catchy and memorable, as well as shareable content in this format, is the need of the hour.
  • Emails are the new old tool – it is undoubtedly true that the days of spamming adverts and coupons through emails are long bygone. This, however, does not take away from email marketing in general. Today the customers love personalization and being made to feel special. The right AI tools with knowledge of when to have the right human investment in holding conversations with your clients can work wonders in attracting them to your brand and company. The key here is to make them feel that they matter to you because they actually should.
  • The new SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around for some time now and has gained so much popularity that everyone is today using it. Irrespective of their differences in strategy in terms of platforms or techniques, SEO has become a common denominator, so much so that most brands in the same industry have similar if not the exact keywords. The problem with this is that it makes reliability absent from the search results now.

This brings about the need for innovation in SEO, which has been happening recently. These innovations are topic clusters, as well as pillar content. The former is when you create linked content based on a topic where a cluster is formed based on your linking and related work. This is the new form of SEO that top brands are tapping into. The latter is creating a pillar post, which is the base of your connected cluster content. Together, these are a very powerful tool for your use today.

  • Voice searches – With more than one billion voice searches being performed daily on the Google platform, this is the most fast-paced and increasing exponentially field. This percentage will certainly be going up as time moves forward. These one billion make up 33% as of now from the overall searches. Estimates put the total number of daily searches by voice to 50-55% within a year. What this means is that the potential of tapping into this is so high that it might just be the defining trend of recent times. This means that your blog or website must be voice search friendly at the earliest. Marketing is as much about the platform as it is about the message. An up to date and the savvy platform gets you noticed more, meaning better marketing overall.
  • AI and targeting – Now, Artificial Intelligence isn’t a new term in the market. It’s been all the hype the past few years, so one may wonder how it is still trending. The thing here is, AI is evolving at an unprecedented pace and empowering you more and more to use it in your interactions with your clients and potential market. With targeting based on AI becoming a norm and personalization possible in AI interactions, your marketing and engagement campaigns can skyrocket with the right form of the tool.
  • Influencer marketing – This is something we have known even in traditional marketing but has taken on a new meaning and paradigm in the digital world. What was celebrity-based marketing back then and even today, to an extent, is influencer-based marketing in the digital landscape. These influencers can be celebrities but may also be people famous only on the targeted platform. These people generally have a large following or viewership, and their endorsement brings in views, leads, and clients. An aggressive form of this marketing is a newly seen trend as of now. Tapping into multiple influencers based on the target audience is something many big names and brands indulge in.

Based on the above, you should see how you can work to add more visibility and possible conversion to your digital media campaigns and your overall digital marketing in general.

Author’s Bio:

Varun Sharma is a Digital marketing expert and director of KVR WebtechPvt. Ltd. – one of the leading digital marketing companies in India. With more than 9 years of experience in digital marketing, provided brand development suggestions and consultancy to the different set of industries that include Medical, E- commerce, IT, Real Estate, Education, Hospitality, Finance, Banking, Travel etc.