8 Tips to Know How to Apply Makeup


We present a basic lesson on how to apply makeup in different steps, at your request. You should not follow everything to the letter, you can skip some! Obviously, the time required in each step depends entirely on yourself, so you decide what to emphasize.

We publish it in full so that you can all follow it.

  1. Hydration

On a clean face (good time to invest in a gel or facial foam to cleanse, such as The Body Shop’s TeaTree line or the refreshing Nivea Daily Essentials), we apply a good moisturizer (another thing we should invest in). My favourite is Clinique’s intense moisturizer since I have a bit dry skin.

Because it is important? First, because we must take care of the skin as much as possible. Without hydration, the skin loses its luminosity, health and above all, its elasticity (Cardboard face? No please!)

The skin of the eyes and lips is very sensitive, so it would be advisable to have a specific moisturizer for those areas.

  1. Apply makeup

With hydrated skin, we proceed to apply the foundation. You can choose a fluid or powder base. If you are a fan of BB or CC creams, now is the time to apply them.

The million-dollar question: what do we apply it to? I have heard and seen everything, so IMHO, apply it with what you like best: either a brush (which is always more suitable), a sponge, your fingers or a beauty blender to create a perfect blurred effect or airbrush and a more precise application.

Bases of makeup (another thing to invest): for a natural look, look for one with a fluid texture; for the most professional looks, one with full coverage. Benefit Cosmetics has spectacular foundations (its Hello Flawless! Collection, but personally I prefer Chanel Mat Lumière, who brings light to dry and dull skin like mine.

Tip: The theme of the base is very personal, and do not forget to look for your tone. To prove it, one of the best areas is the neck (no dolls!) Soon I will add an article related to makeup bases and how to find your perfect base, because the theme has time … and a lot.

  1. Concealer and contours

You can follow the manual on how to apply the concealer and how to contour properly in this link. The contours create light and shadows on the face, they are perfect to hide imperfections or highlight features.

The theme of the contours is quite personal, and if you are looking for a very natural makeup, I would not recommend it. Do you want to try? The girls from The Beauty Department offer the simple version.

  1. Powders

We use ATTENTION powders, in small quantities, preferably in the T zone (Forehead, nose, chin). Powders are used to tint shiny areas. If we exceed ourselves, it is when you get that cakey or very ornate effect that you don’t like anything.

Let’s use a proper brush! (Soon I will publish a post only of brushes, for those who do not master them)

  1. Eyeshadows

Powder or cream shades, and the color you want to create your look. Use a nude, pinkish, beige color or hazal eye makeup to create a very natural look. Use strong tones for your riskier looks.

If you like using eye line, now is the time. Both in pencil and liquid, you can create very interesting effects.

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply your favorite mask.

  1. Eyebrows

It seems not, but if I have learned anything during all these years, it is that the eyebrows play one of the most important roles if we talk about the expression of the face. It goes without saying that they require care (if you do not have a pulse, go to a professional), and we will only need to have a curved brush to comb them, along with eyebrow gel (you will find it as if it were a transparent mascara bottle).

To fill in, you can use pencils and special eyebrow shades, such as those from Benefit Cosmetics.

  1. Rouge

To apply blush or not to apply it? It depends on you and the look you are looking for. You can apply a light blush and give prominence to the eyes; or else mark the cheekbones more to give a rosy effect.

With a special blush brush, smile and apply it from the cheeks to the temple. The intensity depends on the same.

My favorite blush? The Coppertone shade by MAC Cosmetics.

  1. Lips

The color of the lips also depends on what type of look we are looking for, but there are certain tricks to hit:

-If you opt for a strong color, don’t forget to fill in the lip with a pencil of the same color first: that way it won’t go away all night.

– To fix the lipstick, put a tissue on the lips and brush the powder. The lipstick that is left over will stay in the handkerchief.

– To highlight the eyes, the best is a neutral lip shade: pinkish or beige.

– For a more dramatic look, like evening looks and smokeyeyes, you can wear whatever you want. Now strong and matte colors are very popular, like red.

Remember that you can combine the looks as you want. The best? Try putting on makeup when you have time at home, without rushing. The simplest and fastest:

Moisturizer + foundation + powder + eye line + blush + lipstick

Any doubt or question, leave it in the comments! 🙂