Pros and Cons of buying new construction homes in South Florida


If you are willing to buy a new construction home in South Florida, you need to set out a checklist that suits your needs.

However, it can be quite a tedious task. Thus, we came up with this post to help you with all the pros and cons of buying new construction homes in South Florida, it will help you to get complete insight and will also help you make quick decisions.

South Florida offers a great variety of new construction homes in South Florida for sale. New construction homes are a proven sound plan for many buyers. So, in this article, we bring you a list of pros and cons that help you make your choice.

Pros of a new construction home
Having a new construction home in South Florida for sale is all about new floors, ceilings, windows, the scent of fresh paint and polish! An added bonus to this newness is warrantied. New construction homes in South Florida come with multiple home appliances as well as the furnace, water heaters, central air systems, and kitchen appliances that come with several years of manufacturer’s warranties.

The appliances in new construction homes in South Florida are designed to use less energy, which results in lower energy costs. In essence, you incur less cost on electricity. New construction homes are also better insulated. There are also certain upgrades that lower tax bills!

More space
New construction homes provide wider areas and spaces. They offer desirable floor plans, including fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and resort-style pools. So everything from ceiling heights, walk-in closets, elevators, and even garages come with the freedom of space.

South Florida is prone to natural calamities like hurricanes as well as hot and humid climates. Therefore, new construction homes use concrete block construction and weather-resistant materials like stucco and other composite materials as compared to stick-frame constructions and wood panels. These materials are highly resistant and impactful in the long run.

Everyone loves to have a unique design and custom interior homes and who knows this better than the one looking to buy homes in South Florida.

The good news is buying new construction homes gives you control over the details that you wish to fit your taste and family. You can choose the colors to paint, the placement of lights, and every other outlet. If you wish to have a home that is perfect for your preferences, then a new construction home is the right choice.

Now let’s dig a few disadvantages of buying a home in South Florida. Knowing both sides of the coin is the best way to make critical decisions in life.

Cons of a new construction home
Different policies
The various policies, skills, and pricings vary from one builder to another. You need to be aware of who you choose to build with. You need to do in-depth research that goes beyond the builder’s website, and comparisons of their previous projects, especially if there are no major complaints filed against them.

Limited customization
There are quite a few restrictions on personalization. For example, you cannot add rooms or amenities that are not listed as an option on the original plans. Similarly, you cannot change the placement of fire pits. So for most things, you can only choose among the options provided to you.

Up-gradation costs
The initial pricing of a new construction home is the base price. This includes the pricing of only the structure and the landscape without any additional add-ons. If you wish to make the desired changes, you will have to choose some upgrades that will increase the pricing of the house. So you will have to find a balance between getting the things you want and the affordability of your budget.

Little room for negotiation
When you choose to invest or buy a new construction home, you have access to view what you are paying for. You are also well aware of any upgrades that you will pay an additional cost for. However, builders might offer you discounts or other financial incentives that will prove beneficial in the long run.

To better understand what the right choice for your needs and requirements is, you must do your research and know clearly what your preferences are in a home. New construction homes follow the building code that was implemented, keeping in the face of the recent hurricanes. Therefore, if you are looking for a new construction home in South Florida, there are a lot of safety and savings benefits on homeowner insurance costs.
The better you know the process, the smoother it is for you to navigate through buying a new construction home in South Florida. Even though this article covers the most crucial aspects of the pros and cons of buying new construction homes.

Author Bio:

Gilles Rais is the founder of Gilles Rais Fine Homes. With over 25 years in this community and 16 years as a realtor, Gilles has acquired a depth of market knowledge and experience that led him to the top of the real estate world in South Florida.