Austria Vs Hungary: An Amazing Getaway Trip

Austria Vs Hungary

Most of you would know that once upon a time, Austria and Hungary were part of the same empire. This is, until World War I came and made them separated. Now, the neighboring nations, Austria and Hungary share a number of features, among them “rivalry”.

There’s really not much by way of comparison between the sophistication of Vienna and the cultural munificence of Budapest. Both the cities and their respective countries are worthy contenders for the crown when it comes to travel. Whether you were planning to Austria or Hungary, or both. It’s a perfect time to visit there with your family or friends. Just visit avianca airlines official site to get your booking done and visit these places to explore on your own.

So let’s get down to see the specifics Austria Vs Hungary



The capital of Austria and the sentinel of civility itself, Vienna is still reputed to hold over 200 elegant balls every year. Vienna’s reputation as a musical entrepot is well-deserved with composers such as Mozart, Strauss, Schubert, Beethoven, and Brahms being among its arsenal. 

The royal palace of Hofburg was once the seat of Austrian and – to a large extent – European power and influence, so make sure you do give it a visit. Art enthusiasts can find their feet to the Kunsthistorisches – housing an enviable collection of the finest arts by the old masters. There are far too many cultural jewels such as those mentioned here to pack into one trip, so don’t make a heavy schedule. Make sure you give yourself plenty of breaks lounging at one of the many cafes that Vienna is famous for. 


It is said that some of Mozart’s best music was inspired by the views of Salzburg. The birthplace of Mozart, who remains arguably the world’s most famous musical composer, Salzburg is a picturesque mountainous city and the fourth-largest in Austria. Visitors here are spell-bound by the magnificent vistas of medieval fortressed perched atop Alpine scenery, Old Towns such as Altstadt and historical masterpieces such as the 17th century Baroque Mirabell Palace. Often called the place that inspired the ‘beginning of music’, Salzburg also happens to be the setting for the renowned Von Trapp family, the inspiration behind the popular musical The Sound of Music. Whether you have an ear for music or not, do make sure you visit Mozart’s birthplace and remodeled home.

How to Get There

Vienna and Salzburg are very popular destinations as is Austria as a whole. So it encourages a traveler to book tickets well in advance because the later one books, the costlier the tickets you will get. Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Swiss Airlines, and Air India fly there. If you wish to book your ticket, please read below to get the flight tickets at affordable rates.



Fast becoming one of Europe’s go-to spots for a holiday, Budapest combines cheap travel costs with the best of what Europe has to offer. From Art Noveau architecture to an abundance of hot springs and bathhouses that would give Istanbul a run for its money, to a dining culture par excellence and historical landmarks such as the Danube Memorial and the ignoble Terror House.

Budapest is awash with tourist fancies. Get a gander of the remarkable cityscape from one of its innumerable bridges, or visit some of the attractions that harken to Hungary’s Golden Age. Budapest is sure to delight you while remaining easy on the pockets.


In contrast to the cities mentioned here, Esztergom can only be called a town. But its claims to fame are several – and it offers a much-needed respite from the city scrambles to picturesque town side wanderings along the banks of the Danube River. 

The cultural and religious seat of influence for the Roman Catholic faith for over a 1000 years, Esztergom has a number of historical landmarks up for visit. Unique amongst them is the domed Basilica, mounted atop a hilltop on the Danube. The reflections of the Basilica on the river are sights to die for, by day, and by the night. 

How to Get There

Budapest is a very popular destination with Indians so do book in advance. If you have a travel portal account, best use it to avail of air miles and discounts on travel because these tickets do not come cheap. Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates, and Etihad Airways are popular carriers operating between India and Hungary. If you wish to book your ticket, you can visit emirates official website to get your booking in advance at very affordable rates that suit your pocket too.

Last Words 

While Hungary is definitely cheaper as compared to Austria. There is something about the symphony of Salzburg, and the cultural extravaganza of Vienna that draws tourists here. If you are looking to save up on the cash, we’d suggest Hungary. But if you’re a lover of art, architecture, history, and music, and have the cash to bare the bills – Austria will reward you and how.