Why Do Websites Need SEO? What Is The Role Of SEO In a Website?


In almost every part of this website description, you read a lot about the word; SEO, SEO, SEO! … Why do websites need SEO?

SEO is?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is important because: … SEO is not only about search engines. However, good SEO practices enhance the user experience and usability of the website itself. Users trust search engines! And, having a position in the top position for keywords that users search for, increasing the TRUST website.

Why is SEO Important?

Why do websites need SEO? If you provide valuable information and make it easier for search engines to find and organize it, they will give you a higher ranking. This increase in exposure means more visitors to your page. … Especially when your audience wants what you have, and SEO is a great tool for targeting it. And this is what we will speak at this time.

Back topic, why is SEO important for your online business? This does not mean you have to use our professional SEO services. But it’s more about inviting you to look at various factors, why SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important. Especially in reaching out to this vast online market.

SEO Facts!

Ranking the top 5 gets 75% of clicks from total searches. When the total number of searches is 10 000 searches/month, up to 7500 potential customers, dominated by the web that is ranked in the top 5. On the first page of the search.

70% – 80% of users, when searching the internet, tend to stay away from paid advertisements. They prefer organic search results. Maybe, you also like that?

75% of users when searching the internet, rarely open the second page, let alone the next page. Because, the search engine algorithm system, usually has classified, that, which appears on the first page is the most relevant and best. So, if your website is not on the first page, then it is certain, 75% of prospective customers, not yours!

Contemplate!.A little of the facts, among various other facts. That way, it might be your consideration. In particular, when deciding to reach out to the lucrative online marketplace; with millions of transactions, every time.

Until this point, actually has begun to be answered, why do websites need SEO?

If, you have started to think that SEO is important. Then the following explanation will further strengthen your belief.

12 Reasons, Why SEO Is Important

SEO will definitely improve search capabilities and overall website visibility, but what other real value does SEO offer?

  1. Organic Search The Main Source Of Website Traffic

Organic search is the main source of most business website performance, as well as an important component of sales strategies. And finally, getting users to take action in the form of conversions or engagement.

As marketers know, Google has a much larger share of the search market. Compared, competitors such as; Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and many others.

That does not mean that all search engines do not contribute to brand visibility. They still do it. It’s just that Google has about 75 percent of the entire search market. This is a clear leader. Thus it is important to be followed.

Do Not Forget!

But don’t forget, the remaining 25 percent of the market owned by other machines is clearly valuable to your business.

Google, as the most visited website in the world. Including in India. It is also the most popular email provider in the world (with more than 1 billion users). Not to mention YouTube is the second largest search engine.

We know that the majority of the world who have access to the internet visit Google, at least once a day to get information.

It became very visible, that, Google and other search engines, are trusted resources, in providing potential business markets. Quality SEO and high-quality websites bring business there.

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  1. SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

The goal of every professional SEO is to build a strong foundation for professional websites. Where able to provide an effective user experience. And most of all, it’s easy to find in searches.

Many elements that make up the authority related to search engines like Google. In addition to the factors mentioned above, authority increases with time. As a result of elements such as:

  • Quality backlink profile. This is part of the Off-Page SEO strategy
  • Positive user behavior.
  • Machine-learning signals.
  • Optimization of On-page elements and content on the page.

The problem is, it’s impossible to build trust and credibility overnight. Just like real life. Authority is obtained and built over time.

Building business authority requires patience, effort, and commitment, and it also depends very much on how to offer valuable, quality products or services. Which allows customers to trust your business.

  1. Good SEO Also Means Better User Experience

Everyone wants a better organic ranking. And maximum visibility. Few realize that the optimal user experience is an important part of getting there.

Google has learned, how to interpret a good user experience, and positive user experience has become an important element for the success of the website.

Customers know what they want. If they can’t find it, there will be a problem. And your website will be abandoned. And search engine algorithms, know that signal.

A clear example to build a strong user experience is how Google is the answer engine that offers a variety of useful information. Directly on the SERP (search engine results page).

The goal is to give users the information they are looking for, with fewer clicks. And of course, quickly and easily.

Quality SEO combines positive user experience, using it to work for the good of the business. This further strengthens the reason why websites need SEO?

  1. Local SEO Means Increasing Engagement, Traffic & Conversions

With the increasing and dominating growth in cellular traffic, local search has become a fundamental part of the success of small and medium-sized businesses.

Local SEO aims to optimize your digital property for certain areas, so people can find you quickly and easily, putting them one step closer to transactions.

Local optimization focuses on cities, cities, regions, and even certain states, to build a viable medium for sending brand messages at the local level.

SEO pro does this by optimizing the brand’s website and its contents, including local quotes and backlinks, as well as local listings that are relevant to the brand’s location and business sector.

To promote engagement at the local level, SEO pros must optimize the brand’s Knowledge Graph panel, Google My Business list, and social media profiles as a start.

There should also be a strong emphasis on user reviews on Google, as well as other review sites such as Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s Lists (among others), depending on the industry.

  1. SEO Impacts The Transaction Cycle

This is the most important, why websites should be SEO!

Customers do research. That is one of the biggest advantages of the internet from a buyer’s perspective.

Using SEO tactics in delivering your message for good deals, innovative products and/or services, and the importance and dependence of what you offer to customers will be the game-changer.

This will also positively impact the buying cycle when done correctly.

Brands must be seen in places where people need to make decent connections. Local SEO increases visibility and allows potential customers to find the answer, and businesses provide that answer.

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  1. SEO Best Practices, Always Updated

It is good to apply SEO tactics on the brand’s website and in all its digital properties, but if it is a short-term engagement (budget constraints, etc.) And the site is not consistently re-evaluated over time, it will reach a threshold where it can no longer improve because of other obstacles.

The way the search world develops, basically at Google’s discretion, requires constant monitoring so that changes remain ahead of the competition and, hopefully, on Page 1.

Being proactive and monitoring changes in key algorithms will always benefit the brand that does it.

We know Google makes thousands of algorithmic changes a year. Fall too far behind, and it will be very difficult to return. SEO pro helps ensure that it is avoided.

  1. Understanding SEO, Helps You Understand The Web Environment

With an ever-changing environment that is the World Wide Web, this can be a challenge to stay on top of change when it happens.

But staying on top of SEO includes being in a circle for major changes that occur for search.

Knowing the Web environment, including tactics used by other comparable local businesses and competitors, will always benefit these brands.

  1. Relatively Cheap SEO Services

Of course, that requires money. All the best things should be done, right?

But SEO is relatively cheap in a large scheme of things, and the likelihood of the results will be very large in terms of benefits and brand bottom line.

This is not a marketing expense; this is a true business investment. A good SEO implementation will hold water for years to come. And, like most things in life, it will only get better with more attention (and investment) it gets.

  1. This Long-Term Strategy

SEO can (and hopefully) has a real impact in the first year of action taken, and many of those actions will have an impact that lasts more than a few years.

When the market is developing, yes, it is best to follow trends and changes closely. But even a site that does not yet have many strong SEO recommendations implemented will increase from the basic SEO best practices used on honest websites with good user experience.

And the more time SEO, effort, and budget are committed to, the better and longer a website becomes a worthy competitor in its market.

  1. Can Be Calculated

Although SEO does not offer a more easily calculated ROI like paid search, you can measure almost anything with proper tracking and analytics.

The big problem is trying to connect the dots on the back because there is no sure way to understand the correlation between all the actions taken.

However, it needs to be understood how certain actions should affect performance and growth, and hopefully, they do.

Every good SEO will lead to that improvement, so connecting the dots doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Brands also want to know and understand where they are, where they are, and where they will go in terms of digital performance, especially for SEO when they have people/companies who are paid to execute on their behalf.

There is no better way to show SEO success. We all know the data is never lies.

  1. SEO Delivers New Opportunities

High-quality SEO will always find ways to find and take advantage of new opportunities for brands, not only to be found but to shine.

Offering quality SEO for a brand means entering the SEO team in everything that is that brand. This is the only way to truly market a brand with the passion and understanding that brand stakeholders have for it: being a stakeholder.

The better a brand is understood, the more opportunities will arise to help it grow. The same thing can be said about SEO.

  1. If You Are Not On Page 1, You Don’t Win A Click

It’s no secret in the SEO world that if you aren’t on Page 1, you most likely won’t kill organic search games.

A recent study shows that the first three organic search ranking positions produce nearly 40 percent of all clickthroughs, while up to 30 percent of all results on Pages 1 and 2 are not clicked at all.

What Does This Mean? Two Things:

If you are not on Page 1, you must!

There are still too many examples when users type search keywords and can’t find what they are looking for. Then SEO is.

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Thus the explanation of why the website must be SEO. Applying strong and quality SEO best practices on business websites will always benefit the brand itself. And this is part of the marketing effort. This is considered a “new age” marketing technique.

It is very important for the existence of web business in this day and age, especially as competition continues to increase and grow.