Bathroom Floor Tiles: 6 Styles to Help Your Next Renovation

Bathroom Floor Tiles: 6 Styles to Help Your Next Renovation

Bathroom Floor Tiles

In recent times, people are spending lots of money on home decor. With numerous tile options in the market, you can transform your bathroom into a warm, cozy, and stylish space that reflects your personality. Bathroom floor tiles add character and ambiance to your bathroom. Listed below are various types of bathroom floor tiles you can choose from.

Types of bathroom floor tiles

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles are the most popular bathroom flooring option in many homes. The tiles are cheap, easy to install, clean, and maintain. Unlike other flooring options,vinyl tiles are readily available, and you can easily buy them from your local tile supplies shop.Also,you need not worry about  slippery bathroom floors with vinyl tiles as they are safe and resistant to moisture. For extra precaution, always ensure that your bathroom floor is properly cleaned and dry when not in use.This will make them durable and stylish for an extended period.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles

With plenty of colors, textures, patterns, and shapes to choose from, ceramic or porcelain tiles are a good choice for your bathroom floor. Ceramic tiles give you the ability to be bold, classy, and stylish with your bathroom decor.Porcelain tiles are water-resistant. Therefore, you do not need to worry about water damage. Similarly, the tiles are cheap compared to other flooring options.

Terracotta tiles

The terracotta tiles flooring option adds a different look and feel to your bathroom remodel. Their unique reddish/ brown color adds a warm earthy tone to your bathroom decor.When properly installed, terracotta tiles can last for years as they are resistant to moisture, wear, and tear. Also, the tiles are resistant to stain, so you can easily clean and maintain their original color.

Stone tiles

You can use various materials to make stone tiles, including granite, marble, limestone, and slate. Stone tiles are versatile as they come in different colors and textures, making them one of the most preferred tiles for your bathroom floor. Depending on your architectural tastes,  you can use different stone tiles to give your bathroom a warm,  cozy, and stylish ambiance. Typically. Stone tiles are more expensive compared to other tiles and require professional installation. When properly cleaned and maintained, the tiles can last up for years.

Glass tiles

With glass tiles, you can go bold and artistic with your bathroom flooring. The tiles come in different colors, textures, and tints that give you a unique, stylish, and exquisite look to your bathroom when properly blended. The reflective quality of glass helps add light to your room, making it seem bigger than it is. However, glass tiles are sensitive; thus important to avoid scratches or cracks as it may cause major damage to the tiles. Similarly, glass tiles are easy to clean with water and cloth.However, it requires frequent cleaning as it tends to show signs of dirt and stains.Compared to other tiles, glass tiles are more expensive and durable when properly maintained.

Linoleum  floor tiles

Commonly used in bathrooms, Linoleum tiles are versatile and allows you to be creative and bold in your bathroom flooring decor. Linoleum tiles are resistant to dirt and dust.Therefore, it is easy to clean and maintain its original color in the long run. Similarly, Linoleum tiles are very durable; thus, they can last for a long time when properly taken care of. However,be sure to take precautions as scratches can easily damage them.   Always seek a professional for assistance with tile installation. If you need advise please reach out to DMV Contractrors.