How Repainting Can Increase the Value of Your Home

How Repainting Can Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are considering reselling your property, then a fresh coat of paint is a no-brainer. It is now a necessity to hire painting services in Sydney before putting your house on the market. The reason behind this trend is to improve the value of your home.

Peeling, chipping, or yellowish paint can give a wrong first impression. No buyer will be naturally attracted to this property because of the paint. Hence, before reselling your house considering painting the walls, exterior and interior, to highlight the best features of your property.

However, there are so many things that you need to consider for this task. We have discussed these factors below.

How Much Value Painting Will Add To Your Home?

If you hire professional painters in Sydney, then you can increase the value of your home by 5%. This is because your freshly painted property is appealing, neat, and clean. After fresh paint, you are even expected to receive more inquiries for a private inspection. In fact, you can sell your house faster after repainting.

Paint Colours To Use

There’s a difference between repainting your house when you are going to stay in it and when you are going to sell it. If you are putting the house on sale, then stick to neutral tones for interior and exterior paints. These neutral colours are universally appealing to every type of user. For instance, white, blue, pastels, etc.

Ideally, the best case scenario is to paint your property white. This leaves so much scope for modifications. The buyer can decorate the home as they like. If you add vibrant colours to your walls, the choices of interior design decrease, which makes your home less attractive to many buyers.

Other shades that are famous are off-whites, blues, and greys.

Remember to hire professional painters for this task. Don’t hire amateurs for interior and exterior painting services.

Amount Of Paint Required

If you are convinced that you need to hire exterior and interior painting services and get your house painted for reselling, then measure the area that needs to be painted. Only after this calculation, contact a painting company.

Finding Area

Find the area for painting through the following tips:


  • Firstly, measure the width and length of every room. Round off every figure by adding different measurements.
  • Now, multiply the room height and total number. Double this result to get the final area size of any room.
  • If you have windows in your home, subtract 1.5 and 2 sq. mt. for windows and doors of the house.
  • To calculate the ceiling, multiply room width and length.

Odd Spaces

  • If you have odd spaces in the house, measure the width and height of every rectangular section in your house. Multiply width and height to measure the area and then add this area to the final count above.
  • If you have to calculate stairwells, then multiply vertical and horizontal lengths. After this, divide them by two.


  • For the trims, multiply width and length. Finally, add every measurement.
  • Then, multiply length and height for the skirting area.


  • As already discussed, use 1.5 and 2 sq. mt. for windows and doors.


After finding the total paint area, identify the paint capacity that you need to purchase. One litre of semi-gloss and matt paint will cover around 14-16 sq. mts. However, if you are using porous or finishing paint, then this much quantity will cover less area. Further, if you are painting unpainted walls, then also you need more paint than above.

For instance, two rooms of 4x5m can be painted in 5 litres of paint; given that the walls were previously painted and they are smooth. For the ceiling paint, you need 1.5 litres approximately.

Time Needed for Painting Services in Sydney

When you hire professional painters in Sydney, you can expect them to paint 7 sq. mts. in one hour; if the surface is smooth.

Similarly, if the room size is 4x5m, you require 2-4 hours.

However, if you are getting two coats of paint from painting services Sydney, then add the paint drying time between both coatings.


Repainting your home can increase the value of your property and offer you a better deal than before. Since a fresh coat of paint makes your home more attractive and clean, it gives you more money and more number of private inspection requests. Just find the right, high-quality, and reliable professional painters in Sydney for this task.