How to Prepare Your Home for an AC Repair and Inspection


Is your air conditioner ready for the cooling season? Before it gets hotter out there, make sure to check your AC for any signs of damage and wear and tear. Early spring is the perfect time to schedule an air conditioner repair service. Have a professional service your system today to minimize the risks of breakdowns during the hottest days of the year.

Here’s how you can prepare your home for a fast and efficient AC repair and inspection:


You cannot let visitors into your home with all the mess and clutter around. Before the scheduled AC technician visit, take the time to clean and declutter your home interior. To allow easy access to your air conditioner, it is very important to clear the space around the unit. Make sure to remove household items like boxes, cans, and other containers stored near or around your AC system.

Additionally, you should keep your outside AC unit clear of obstructions. Get rid of leaves, branches, trash, and other debris closely surrounding the system.

Clean your AC unit

To save time in repairing your AC, give the unit a quick clean before your hired professional arrives. It will take only a few minutes of your time to wipe away dirt and dust from your air conditioning unit. To clean your AC, use a soft brush or cloth. Do not forget to turn off the power to the system before you start the cleaning work.

Keep your pets away from the working area

If you have pets at home, make sure to keep them away from the work area. Pets can be noisy when they see strangers enter the house. To avoid disturbing the AC repair team, take your pets to a separate room where they can play or sleep. You may also ask a family member to take the dogs for a walk outside while there’s ongoing AC repair work inside your home.

Be at home during the AC technicians visit

Schedule your AC repair at your most convenient time. That means scheduling it on a day when you do not have other meetings to attend to. You must be physically present to answer questions your hired technician might ask regarding your air conditioner details.

Ask for a quote

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when scheduling an AC repair is not knowing the cost before the work is done. Always ask for a quote when looking for an HVAC company to hire. That way, you can avoid going over your budget and paying for unnecessary costs.

Hire your trusted local AC Contractor

When it comes to your home air conditioning repair, only trust the service of a licensed, skilled, and experienced AC contractor. You should hire a professional who is based in your local area so you can get a fast and efficient service response. What are you waiting for? Book a professional AC repair and inspection with your trusted local HVAC company now!