How To Embed An Instagram Post Onto Your ECommerce Store

Instagram post

Instagram post on your eCommerce store? You might be wondering what it is or why it is relevant to your eCommerce store i.e. eCommerce website?

Well! We have explained how you can embed Instagram post and why you should do it. 

You know that your eCommerce store is your brand storefront to connect & communicate with customers so it needs to have elements that are valuable & engaging for the consumers. 

Instagram is one such solution that helps you make your eCommerce store more engaging & result-driven. 

What Is An Instagram Post?

An Instagram post is a feed of content that has been aggregated from Instagram using hashtags or handles. You can embed this feed on your eCommerce website. 

A powerful tool like an Instagram widget can help you curate, customize, & embed Instagram Post on your eCommerce store. 

You can curate your branded content from Instagram using your profile or you can aggregate valuable user-generated content using the hashtags from Instagram for your ecommerce store.

Here are some of the ways through which you can create & embed Instagram post on your website

How To Embed An Instagram Post/Feed On Your Website

  1. Instagram Widget Tool

An Instagram widget tool is probably the best solution to create and embed an Instagram post on your website. Tools like Taggbox widget offer your dedicated Instagram widget for this purpose. 

The Instagram widget allows you to collect all the valuable content from Instagram, customize your feed with beautiful themes, colors, fonts, styles, designs, etc. 

Given your eCommerce store, the widget also offers Commerce features like making your Instagram post shoppable to allow the users to shop the look from UGC or buy the products directly from the feed. 

Besides, you also get the opportunity to moderate the content giving you full control on what you want to show and what content you want to hide/remove from your feed. 

In addition to these, you also have features like real-time automatic content updates to have seamless flow of fresh content, fast & responsive widget, UGC rights management, insightful analytics for performance measurement of your Instagram feed, and much more. 

  1. Instagram Embed 

Instagram itself offers the functionality to embed content (posts) from Instagram to your website. Not many people are aware of it or how it works but it is there to use. 

The embedding functionality from Instagram is quite one-dimensional & simple. Firstly, you need a laptop or desktop to embed any post as it doesn’t offer this functionality for mobiles. 

So, using the laptop or desktop, go to the post on Instagram that you want to embed on your website and click on the menu (3 dots) option. You will see an option for Embed in the drop down menu. 

Select that option and you will get an embed code, copy & paste that code in your eCommerce website HTML and there you have it. The downside to this is that you can do only one post at a time. 

Also, if the post gets deleted from Instagram, it will also be deleted from your website. It is a good option for selected & few posts as it is not an interactive & feature-loaded option. 

  1. WordPress Plugin For Instagram Feed

WordPress is one of the most versatile website CMS that has thousands of plugins to integrate different elements & characteristics to the website. So, if you have a eCommerce website on wordpress then there are plugins for you to integrate Instagram feed. 

There are plugins like SmashBalloon that allow you to create and embed your Instagram feed into the wordpress website. The plugin has great options for different feed themes around visual content. 

There are other options for customization to make your Instagram feed more creative & attractive for the users. Besides, the plugins offer you the option to moderate what content you want to show & what you want to hide. 

Beyond that, the plugins are responsive and mobile-friendly giving your website users a unique and seamless experience. You can also add call-to-action buttons to your feed as well. 

There are other features along with these like infinite scrolling, social media feeds integration, etc.The downside is that it is only compatible with the wordpress website so that restricts its use to WordPress users.   

Why You Should Embed Instagram Post To Your ECommerce Store

Here are some of the benefits of embedding an Instagram post to your eCommerce website.

  • Display engaging visual content like stunning images, interactive videos, etc. 
  • Build trust & credibility by showcasing authentic & reliable user-generated content on your website
  • Improve conversions & increase sales through shoppable Instagram post with Instagram widget
  • Boost your website dwell time & engagement along with reduction in bounce rate & cart abandonment
  • Make your website vibrant with attractive & creative visual content
  • Indirectly improve your eCommerce store’s SEO performance 
  • Increase your social media presence, reach, exposure, & awareness


These are some of the best and most cost effective ways to embed Instagram post on your eCommerce website. 

The benefits highlight why you should embed Instagram post now and help yourself to improve the returns on investments. So, choose the best & most versatile option & get started with embedding the Instagram post on your eCommerce store.