Why Should You Use The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog in 2020?

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms in the world with 600+ million users. You will find a wide network of professionals on this platform. All of them are using this platform to connect with other users around the globe. Whether you are seeking a new job or trying to promote your brand, LinkedIn can help you do it all. This platform is an integral part of many renowned organizations these days. LinkedIn offers a great network to B2B marketers and B2C marketers as well.  LinkedIn is even beneficial, especially for B2B marketers. Around 41% of B2B marketers make use of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions compared to 21% of B2C marketers.

A few years back, a survey conducted by Salesforce showed that 62% of business owners use LinkedIn. So, that’s a really big number. As the world is progressing towards a digital age, the value of LinkedIn is improving. It is currently the third most valuable social platform after Facebook and Instagram. Linkedin marketing solutions offer great help to a lot of businesses in the digital marketing industry.

If you plan to take your business online, you might also want to use LinkedIn. Why? Let us discuss some very interesting reasons why LinkedIn marketing solutions is essential now.

Why Use LinkedIn Marketing Solutions?

As we already mentioned, LinkedIn is allowing a lot of businesses to join the global network. Digital marketers can benefit from it. Now, we will discuss 5 reasons why you must use LinkedIn marketing solutions in 2020.

1. LinkedIn Is More Important Than Facebook For Businesses

A lot of companies have said that LinkedIn is a better platform for business when compared to Facebook. In the current scenario, LinkedIn has emerged to become a more important platform than Facebook. More than 42% of all B2B marketers accept LinkedIn as their preference. That is the reason why Linkedin marketing solutions, are turning out to be so popular. It is helping brands to promote their business with more efficiency. LinkedIn and its various content marketing strategies are working wonders in this digital age we are living in.

2. LinkedIn Has Turned Out To Be an Effective Lead Generation Platform

Extensive studies over the years have suggested the LinkedIn offers brilliant lead generation. Traffic generated via LinkedIn is the best and provides the best visitor-to-lead conversion rate. Of all the social media sites that are present, LinkedIn shows solid and consistent performance down the line. In some cases, the numbers are higher than Twitter and Facebook. That being said, in the coming years LinkedIn will surely play a crucial role in this aspect. Linkedin marketing solutions can help you reach out to potential audiences like no other social media platform. It will keep on generating more leads for you.

3. LinkedIn is Very Much Effective in Thought Leadership

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is a very effective channel that helps in content distribution. As per our studies, no other platform can help to establish a business as an industry leader. A very important feature of LinkedIn is the ability to join groups and networks. You can get in touch with professionals and influencers who are very active in your industry. So, you can strategically place yourself between all these personalities as a key contributor. Therefore, it helps in building a brand name and position. Linkedin marketing solutions allow you to get an edge over the other competitors in the market.

4. LinkedIn Can Help To Improve Face-to-Face Relationships

LinkedIn not only helps you to create a great image over online networks. But, it improves your face-to-face relationships as well. The ability to join groups and networks brings you together with many personalities. So, you can meet and greet them in person. This helps you to discover and discuss your industry and gather more knowledge. When you are communicating with such influencers in the industry, your name is cemented as well. People can recognize you and your brand even better; thus, leading to the conversion and development of your business over the web.

5. LinkedIn Helps To Increase Your Brand Visibility By Huge Margins

One of the effective ways of enhancing your revenue or generating more leads is by increasing your brand visibility. Brand visibility plays an important role in the overall success of your business. A LinkedIn profile or business page can be optimized to increase your chances of getting better rankings. The more your business is visible on Google, the higher are the chances that your brand will flourish. LinkedIn marketing solutionshave a huge impact on your online visibility. Studies show that in many cases the percentage of visibility is better than others.

6. LinkedIn Offers Great Versatility

In today’s content marketing industry, your brand needs to be versatile enough to gain a large market share. The use of different tools and elements can help you establish a successful blog or professional account. People can use infographics, videos, and images to make their blog more appealing. One of the best reasons to use LinkedIn is that any marketer can use it their way. On the contrary, Facebook and Twitter do not offer that level of versatility. This helps to attract more customers and revamp the business. Linkedin marketing solutions give a fantastic solid look into the world of numbers.

7. Better Context and Relevance

LinkedIn can help you build a solid marketing strategy based on context and relevance. For any business, it is essential to launch products or services that are relevant to them. This is a major challenge for B2B marketers who find it overwhelming to reach the best context. On LinkedIn, you can discover the professional content of the members who follow you. LinkedIn always facilitates higher lead conversion than any other website.

Final Words

LinkedIn may not be very entertaining like Facebook or Twitter. But, that is not the catch here. The main catch is that LinkedIn can help you to run a more successful business. You get enhanced lead generation and establish a successful brand name with LinkedIn marketing solutions.