Essential wedding photography tips and tricks used by beginners

wedding photo

Are you a beginner? Are you ready to photograph your first wedding? Or are you an experienced photographer who has shot hundreds of weddings? Even with how much skills and experience you have, still there are chances of improvement in learning new tips and tricks. Have a look at several tips and tricks that help professionals to improve their wedding photography Bristol skills. 


  • Scouting 


If you ever meet a pro and ask what scouting is, then they will let you know the real meaning of scouting. It is important to know the venue, the light as well as the cool spots that are available for photos. Remember that clients pay a decent amount of money therefore you should know what kind of portraits the client wants to have. Make sure you get all the information before the shoot starts. Knowing everything in detail ahead of time reduces the risk involved in it. 


  • Lighting 


Lighting is the main key to photography. After all, no image can’t be taken without the presence of the lighting that is why lighting matters the most. Make sure you use the right lighting at the right time to generate the portraits that can make your client feel happy. 


  • Make a list of shots 


Though it might sound unusual having a list of pre planned shoots will help take great shots. Sit down before the time of the event and then decide which shots at what location are the best and can make the wedding photography amazing. Getting photography training helps learn the art of clicking the perfectly timed images. 


  • Know your gear 


The wedding photography pros know their wedding pros. The shooters need to know their gear inside and out. Remember that the wedding day is not the time when you can experiment with something new or when you can use the new equipment. It is not the time to try out the different settings and to figure out a wireless trigger. Make sure you are ready with everything a week before the wedding day and you know your pros as well as cons. If you are sure about the result then you can also try out the new poses. If you want to try new equipment then you should try them out before the wedding day at home. Practicing them at home will help get familiar with the equipment and tools so you would not get nervous on the wedding day shoot. 


  • Framing 


When it comes to wedding photography Bristol, composition, and framing come naturally. Some framing comes naturally while others have to learn how to do the framing. Yes, wedding days are very fast-paced making you forget many important things but you need to be extra careful about each and everything. Slow down a little bit and then be extra careful in posing your subjects. Check the framing and look for any distractions that could potentially ruin the portrait of the images. Having everything perfect can make your clients more than happier. 


  • Take inspirations and then apply it 


Make a comprehensive shot list. What you should do to improve photography, think before, and then take inspiration. Check what shots you need to add to make the entire wedding photography amazing. Write down the different shots you want to try. 


  • Create a list of essential shots 


There is always a list of essential wedding shots that is known by all the wedding photographers Somerset. Make a list of all the essential shots that are necessary for a wedding day. These shots are not like the shots of the bride with her mother or other but these are the shots that show how you will portray these two people in the photograph. 


  • Think of the creative shot list 


Apart from the essential shoots, make sure you do something unique that amazes your client. These are the pictures that you have not taken yet like a couple extending an engagement picture in the foreground or something creative. Make a list of all the creative shots you want to have. 

A wedding day is one of the most important days in everyone’s life and a photographer plays an important role this day. If you are a photographer, make sure this wedding photography Bristol is the best and the memorable one. Use all the above-given tips to get great results.