How to Mow a Very Small Garden Lawn

mow a small garden

Small lawns are so much easier to maintain compared to larger ones. It takes far less time and effort to have the place looking kempt and presentable. However, not too many people share the same sentiments. Most mowing tools are designed for larger lawns. What’s more, it makes little sense to find a professional contractor to do the mowing for you when you could easily do it yourself.

But how come so many struggle with what seems like quite a straightforward and easy task? Mowing a small lawn is as easy as one, two, three. If you are one of those guys who dread mowing your tiny lawn, here is a simple step by step process to point you in the right direction.

Of course, small is relative. How small is your lawn determines the kind of equipment that you are going to use. And remember, mowing is not a one time practice and that is why you need to be equipped to ensure that you do it right every time you need to mow your lawn.

  1. Get Protective Mowing Gear

Before you begin mowing your garden, you need to get the right protective equipment for your body. Sometimes the mowers or the equimnent that you can use are noisy and you need to prorect your hearing. Apart from that you also need to protect your eyes, among other delicate places of your body.

  1. Use a Small Electric push Mower

The key to properly mowing your garden is by using the right equipment. A lawn mower is great for a small rectangular shaped lawn. But an even better alternative would be a more modern electric push mower. No need to worry about buying gas or looking for batteries, it only needs you to plug it into a power socket and begin mowing.

Before you start mowing, start by picking up any twigs, small rock or other solid objects that could damage the mower.

  1. Mow in Strips

Instead of mowing in zigzag or irregular motions, you’ll get a more uniform result if you mow from right to left or vice versa. Be careful enough not to leave any patches undone.

Using a weed eater or electric gardening shears, trim the edges of your lawn. If you have any bushes or trees, trim around those as well. Trim along walls too. For a smooth and even cut it is advisable to use standard sheers if you aren’t conversant with operating a weed eater.

  1. Collect the Grass Cuttings

The final stage involves collecting the grass cuttings and putting them in a bag or throwing the excess in your compost pit. A rake, here, comes in handy because it helps you gather the grass faster. If your electric mower cut the grass into very tiny bits and pieces, you don’t have to collect the cuttings. Leave them there, they will work great as mulch from growing grass and provide plenty of nitrogen for the soil.

  1. Avoid cutting the grass too short

Everyone has their own preference of how long or short they want their grass to be when mowing. However, the best advice would be not to mow your grass too short that you can even see the ground. If you want that attractive finish, leave an inch or two of grass such that it feels spongy when you walk on. This is great especially when the weather is dry and hot. When the weather is much cooler, you can cut a little bit lower.

When you are committed to it, keeping your lawn looking well-manicured shouldn’t seem like such a chore. Remember to put on safety glasses and gloves to protect your eyes and your hands from accidents and injury.

  1. Use a garden trimmer

If you don’t have access to other lawn mowers, you can also consider a cordless string trimmer that would be portable and easy to use. There are so many of them that you can find if you want to have a personal one for mowing your garden whenever you want.

With these steps, you can be sure that your lawn will always look perfectly mowed and manicured. Your garden should always look sparkly clean and if you do it right, you will achieve your results.