Fall Style Inspirations: Flaunt Your Classic Jackets in 6 Different Ways


Seasons change, and so do our wardrobes. People who drag outdated clothes stuck over their obsessions. While obsessions are sometimes cold, they become a hindrance if you want to stay updated.

The favorite time of the year for a stylist is around the corner as summer evenings have started to become colder, and golden colors spread everywhere. Brown hues and orange-tinged aesthetics make their way when autumn is at its peak. Besides the aesthetics of nature, fall brings a whole new spectrum of fashion goals for every occasion.

Taking inspiration from street style in fall is quite overwhelming when you don’t know how to pull a specific look. To make this quest easier for you, we have gathered some stylist-favorite looks for fall 2020.

Black Jeans, Black Tee

An all-black ensemble is a perfect outfit to make everyone gush over your style on the streets. It exhibits minimalist vibes and gives the right rugged touches a biker leather jacket is supposed to provide. When you pair your basic black t-shirt with outerwear that is a racer jacket, you are bound to add some exciting vibes to your casuals.

An all-black outfit, especially in men, takes minimal efforts on your part as well. Ideal to pull off at different places, this is an essential outfit pairing to flaunt this coming season. Your jacket works as an insulator for cold winds while the t-shirt maintains the cool. It is the utterly balanced outfit, it is a favorite for the same reason!

Right Out of the 60s 

Modern fashion has many options (which are increasing by every second), but what makes this era stand out is an infatuation with the older generations’ style. While our parent generations might have worn efficient clothing, their style was also above the bar. You cannot shun their ways as they integrate into our today’s fashion smoothly as well.

Whether you talk about pairing a vintage leather jacket with jeans or an old school cropped jacket with an aesthetically printed shirt, the 60s fashion is still very much appreciated for its timeless quality. We may have forgotten the bell-bottoms and scarves, but we are not going to part ways with the eye-catching outerwear!

Faux Fur and Jeans

It is mandatory to be extra in fall, because why not? It brings a beautiful palette that you can play with and allows multiple ways to carry an article. You can plan and take out your faux fur jacket to pair with your essential this season. It goes brilliantly with boots and scarves, so if you are one of those divas who take care of their accessories, this look is perfect for you.

No matter how thick your fur looks, flaunting fur always gives a luxe feel that we can enjoy in the best manner only in these seasons. A couple of standard colors to tone down the outfit are white, grey, and brown underneath your coat or jacket.

Concert Chic

Fall and evening concerts are a must (for Gen Z at least!). Your social media feeds need a couple of photos from a sunset time concert where you can flaunt your long coats and jackets with as much madness as possible. Accessorize your apparels in the best way when you plan to attend a concert because this is the time you can be genuinely yourself outside the streets.

A full black ensemble or fur-lined top layers, vintage shirts or turtle necks with ripped jeans, all work in an unusual harmony when orange tinge is in the air. Fall season calls for layering up in a balanced way, achieved with heavy and lightweight top layers!

Graphic Tees and Denim

Your casual does not have to be boring, especially not when it’s autumn! Pair your graphic and nerdy attires with chic outerwear to make them stand out. Your comic-inspired shirts, metal, or rock bands embroidered tank tops all merge well with a rough and tough jacket that instantly enhances the look!

This look focuses a lot on the shoes as it screams comfort and casual. If you plan on wearing winter boots with this, then drop them immediately. Sneakers and trainers are the go-to footwear here.

Weekend Brown Hues

Fall weekends are an open invitation to dress up in the best brown hues you have. You can select comfortable outerwear from one of the trending bomber jackets for men or stick to your leather-bound top wear. In either case, remember to add one of the high-end footwear options such as:

  • Loafers to match the laid back style
  • Low top leather sneakers 
  • Brown or black casual boots
  • Plain white sneakers 
  • Long boots

Now when you make a haul for your fall wardrobe, make sure you get all the essentials you need to make a creative outfit for your 2020 street style!