How to Fold Our Cookie Boxes

Cookie Boxes

Assembling and formation of packaging could be a complicated task if one does not know the right steps to the job. Cookie boxes are one of the many boxes that need to be folded and arranged before they can be used to store the delicacies. In order to do this task quickly and without much drainage of energy, the right technique needs to be implemented.

Cookie Boxes for girl

Placing on the right side

Since an unfolded box is more or less a piece of cardboard, the sides may look identical. However, it is very important to put the correct side on the top and the relevant side on the bottom. Otherwise, once formed, these boxes would be useless. Some packages such as cookie boxes with windows are easier to formulate since the window needs to be kept on the top; however, for others, especially which look generic, need special attention in order to ensure that they are made in the right manner.

Putting Cuts and LinesMany custom cookie boxes do come with lines or cuts to guide the assembler on how the packaging should be folded. However, if they are not present, the foremost step that should be taken is drawing these cuts.

Measurements should be taken from each side, and if the box comes with a manual or instructions, they should be read. Placing these lines is going to be immensely beneficial as the accuracy of the packages is guaranteed. Moreover, less time is needed to fold these boxes since the guidelines are already available.

If possible, each cut and line should be labeled with a number. This further eases the process as the assembler would know which side needs to be folded first. As a result, the chances of error, as well as the time required to make them will be minimal.

Folding and Assembling

This is probably the most important, and in some cases, the toughest part of the whole process. The way of folding each box is different, based on its size, material, and style. Some boxes are made out of paper or thin cardboard. They are generally more foldable and can be assembled with mere force of the hand. Others, however, which are made of harder and tougher materials, might need more effort and might even need the assistance of machinery to apply pressure.

Apart from the variations, there are some rules that need to be followed while folding the box regardless of their materials or style. Folding should be straight and should strictly adhere to the lines or cuts that are present on the box; otherwise, the shape might not turn out to be a cube or cubicle and may deteriorate; thus, their utility would be minimized.

Once all required folds are made, the joints of the cookie boxes need to be joined to each other. Some boxes are designed with locks and cuts so that they can be joined without any adhesives, while others require the usage of glue to be joined to each other. In either of the cases, they should be joined firmly so that they do not break down if some pressure is applied or weight is added. If the package comes with locks, they should be tightly joined and folded so that they do not open up or break down, whereas if the glue is being applied, the joints should be thoroughly covered and tightly pressed against each other to avoid any mishappening.

Important Things to Consider

Though the task, if done properly while using a proper technique, is quite easy, however, mishandling these boxes could cause damage to them. Some custom cookie boxes might look very fancy and appealing; however, their durability might not be as strong as their looks are. The excessive force being applied to such packaging units would be damaging to them, thus increasing the wastage.

On the contrary, some boxes may not be content with just a simple fold and require more pressure in order to be permanently closed. Some people, to save time, may just give it a single fold. This is going to be detrimental as putting in just a few cookies would open up the light folds, and the box would be deformed.

Tasks such as folding and assembling of packaging may look simple and effortless unless one tries to do them by themselves. If this meager task is done in a proper way and using a wise technique, less time would be required. Therefore, if you wish to save time and energy, make sure that you take the following steps to fold cookie packaging.