General Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses

Whether you are a manager or you are a small worker in a large organization, you want to work in a safe environment. Wherever you are working, you wouldn’t bear any danger at your work station. That’s a natural and fair expectation. No one would love to risk their lives every day. So safety is the basic component of every employee benefits package.

Although providing a safe workstation is the main responsibility of the management, it is also the worker who should make sure to have a safe work environment. Employees should be well-aware of the safety methods and procedures. For example, workers working in a chemical manufacturing unit must be aware of the use of safety glasses, face shields, and protective clothing to prevent any chemical hazards.

Some Workplace Facts

Workplace injuries cost US companies more than $161.5 billion annually. This cost includes compensation, insurance, lost time, over-time and other loss of resources.  The most common violation is falling protection at work especially in the construction industry. Almost 4% of the world’s gross domestic product is wasted due to these workplace injuries.

General Tips for Every Employee

Here, we will discuss some general safety tips that every employee should know regardless of where they work.

Your Safety, Your Responsibility

You cannot be safe until you take responsibility for it. It means that regardless of how effective is your company’s safety program, you have to make yourself safe. Review all of your workplace safety standards. Report to the higher management immediately if you find any danger at your workstation.

Clean Your Workstation

Whether you are working at a far-situated manufacturing unit or in a metropolis tower, keep your workspace neat and clean. Organize your stuff in a good manner. Having a clean office will be a positive addition to a healthy and also safe life.

Always Follow the Safety Procedures

Never take shortcuts just for the sake of time-saving. It can cost you heavy. Always follow the safety procedures. It will save you and your colleagues’ lives.

Stay Alert at Work

Sleeping is a good activity but not on the office floor. Showing lazy behavior at work is not good for safety. Keep yourself alert all the time and respond to any unusual activity around you immediately. We have real-life examples that employees with an alert mindset have saved others’ lives during an emergency.

Report Injury/ Emergency Immediately

Any physical/mental injury can happen during work. Rather than suffering or waiting for a suitable time, it’s better to report the incident immediately to the management. After reporting, you would get on-time medical assistance.

If you cannot somehow report to the company’s management, call the local emergency services immediately.

Lift the objects wisely

If you have to lift any object as part of your work, don’t be a macho man. Instead, test the weight and then try to uplift it slowly. Don’t take extra power otherwise, you can have overexertion. If the object is too heavy, ask the colleagues to help in lifting it.

Keep Your Machine & Tools in Good Condition

Every employee uses some kind of machinery or tools at work. It could be a computer, any digital device, or any other machine. Show your organizing skills by keeping your machine clean and working. It will not only keep you safe but also enhance your work performance.

Never Use Unauthorized Devices

Some cases of workplace injuries have occurred because the employee tried to access unauthorized devices and accessories. In this age of the digital world, every office premises are well-connected through these devices. So the use of any unauthorized device can cause a huge injury to you or your fellows at work.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is an integrated toolkit for the employees working in potentially dangerous workplaces. Industries like construction, chemical manufacturing, biomedical labs, and essential services use PPE.

Most companies do a partnership with another company to provide safety equipment to their employees. Make sure that you are using the company’s safety program. These programs may cover some of the body parts or the full body. For example, people working in the electrical industry may use eyewear safety devices. Some of the eyewear glasses manufacturing companies are 3M safety glasses, Oakley, Honeywell, Eyeweb and Fuyao, etc.

Know Fire Plan of Your Office Building

Fire at workplaces is a common scenario. Mostly, the fire emergency happens due to any electrical fault or any personal negligence. As human skin is sensitive to fire, it is even essential to know well to handle a fire emergency.

Read and understand the fire plan of your building. If any such emergency happens, make sure to have a safe exit for you and your colleagues.

Personal safety is as important as the performance of an employee. So never compromise on your safety at the workplace. Prove yourself an active and disciplined part of your organization by practicing these safety tips.