Safety vs Fashion – How Safe Are Personal Care Products?


Everybody wants to have fashionable products that make them glamorous. No product is popular in the market if it’s not fashionable. Well, it’s okay to be fashionable. But it should not be so much that we neglect the basic safety standards. For example, when we go to a shopping center to buy eyeglasses, we should also consider ANSI Safety Glasses standards while choosing any eyeglasses.

Personal Care Products

The personal care industry is a billion-dollar industry with countless products in the market. From the nail polish in the cosmetic category to the sunglasses for eyes, we find thousands of products available. But is that all of such products worth buying? Are they safe to use? ANSI and ISO standards are for such purpose. We should always keep in mind that every single product we buy is perfectly in compliance with these safety standards.

And why should we consider safety while buying these products? We will explore the reasons behind it in this blog.

Some Health Concerns

Personal beauty and care products are although popular in every culture, they pose some health concerns to every consumer.

Centre for Disease Control (CDC) actively monitors the ingredients used in cosmetics and body care products. It has shown serious concerns about the safety level of these products.

Some of the health hazards that consumers face are the following.

  • Eye infection

Eyes are the sensitive part of the body. It can be damaged easily through any external use of a substance. Most of the beauty products are about face, so it makes eyes more reactive to such products. Eye infection is a common issue of using these products. Eyes can get bacterial or viral infections. After the impact of beauty products may result in any possible eye damage.

  • Skin Allergy

Although many people are skin allergic due to their genetic transmission, others get allergic condition due to excessive use of beauty products. Allergy on face, hands, and feet are common complaints among users. These allergic conditions can be severe.

  • Burning Skin Issues

Some personal care products use fire-contaminating elements such as aerosol is used in hairspray. This spray causes fire on hairs. Some other body care products give a skin burn which is harmful to body metabolism.

Should we prefer personal safety products over fashion?

Due to the increasing number of injuries related to personal care products use, it is evident that we need to shift towards safety products. PPE is although developed for the workplace and industrial purposes, it seems like we have to use it at home.

We can use PPE devices for a safer home environment. For example, when we go out to buy garments. What should we choose? We should select the clothing with the maximum safety features even it has the lowest fashion glamor.

To clarify this concern, let’s again consider yourself going out for buying casual eyeglasses. Now, you have two options. The first one is to buy a fashionable eyeglass with a glamorous look from fashion companies like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Prada, Adidas, Nike, or any other of your local fashion brand. You can use these glasses just at places where you have no immediate eye hazards.

The alternate option that you can avail is to buy the eyeglasses from companies like Uvex Safety Glasses, 3M, Oakley, and DeWalt, etc. Their glasses provide you protection from any kind of eye hazards present at home or outside. Like you go out for hunting, hiking, or cycling and you met with an accident. These safety glasses will protect your eyes from any possible damage.

So what is ultimately better for us? Surely it’s a safety product. Even the pandemic COVID-19 has proved the importance of safety.

Personal Safety during COVID-19

During the wave of pandemic COVID-19, it is clear that we have to shift towards personal safety than personal glamor.

Thousands of people have lost their lives due to the unavailability of safety equipment. WHO, CDC, and other famous healthcare organizations have emphasized the use of personal safety equipment. PPE industry is working continuously to provide a sufficient quantity of safety products to the world.

To provide an immunized environment for people fighting against the coronavirus, the PPE industry is redesigning its products to bring out better safety products. These safety products have been helping us against the virus as WHO has also confirmed that the use of PPE is the best prevention against the virus.

Apart from using safety equipment, we also need to revise our safety precautions. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is proving itself during the pandemic. So we should not care about how glamorous we look. Rather, we should adopt the best safety practices issued by our public safety organizations. Through this mindset and approach, we can defeat any health crisis that we will face ever.