How do I know UV Lighting will be effective for duct cleaning?


People who are looking for a sanitary home are concerned about the bacteria and mold that is multiplying its strength in your HVAC system. If you have a family history of breathing issues or skin allergies, then it can pose a serious threat to you and your family. There are numerous sites on the internet that tell us about the effectiveness of ultra violet lights that help to sanitize air and the equipment. But the question here is that whether your house requires installation of UV lighting for duct cleaning and will it effective enough to take over all your concerns.

Here is a guide that will be an answer to all your worries regarding the cost and the effectiveness of UV striking for duct cleaning.

Will installation of UV Lighting will completely remove presence of Bacteria mold and viruses?

Ultraviolet rays have proven their mark in the industry as one of the most effective mold, virus and bacteria cleaning element. In today’s modern world you can see the use of UV Striking for germicidal use everywhere such as hospitals, restaurants and even grocery stores. This trust proves the fact that they are an effective solution to the problems of germicidal.

Here are a few researches that also prove its effectiveness.

  1. Duke University Medical Center proved that UV lights kill 97% of the mold and bacteria that resisted to antibiotics. This is known as the super bacteria that is the toughest to kill. This study was carried out in 2012.
  2.  In 2001 the Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology once again proved that germicidal UV radiation has been one of the most effective tool in reducing the fungi in air handling units.

How do I know that my HVAC system requires UV Lighting?

Yes you are right the situation varies when it comes to installation of UV Lighting. To be dead sure that UV igniting is the only solution to your problem you need to call experts for inspection. However, if you feel confident enough to evaluate yourself then you can check a few things to ensure whether you should go for it or not.

Spare a day to do proper and thorough inspection of your ductwork. Do not forget to take security measure as there might be presence of bacteria and mold that may result in skin allergies or other infections. Take a torch along if the area is too dark to see and inspect the details so that you are able to see if mold and bacteria is present or not. Since we have discussed above that Ultra Violet Lighting is the most effective for bacteria and mold cleaning you should be sure of the fact that if there is no or very less signs of bacteria that could be treated with help other DIY tricks then you should drop the idea of using UV Igniting.

On the other hand, if the condition is too worse and you feel that you need an expert’s advice as replacement of duct work could be a more viable solution as compared to installation of UV Illumination then give a call to the nearby service center and get it inspected right away. You need to know it is highly dangerous to live with bacteria and mold within your ductwork as it can pose some serious health issues.

What are the options available?

UV Igniting is one of the most effective solution for your heating and cooling system. You can find numerous service providers for this purpose but you need to know that quality of work is most important otherwise it will be a total waste of money. There are numerous other names in market for UV Illumination such as purifying lights, germicidal lights, sanitizing lights and sterilization lights.

Here we will be discussing two of the most common lights that will be installed according to the recommendation of the expert that will visit you before installation for a thorough evaluation.

Coil Sanitizing Lights:

Are you an owner of a central air conditioning then you should be certain that there is an indoor coil installed? This is the major area where bacteria and mold develops. The major reason behind this is that the coil is required for the air to dehumidify the house during the AC cycles. Whenever the air goes around the coil, the dirt dander and other debris attach to the surface because it is wet. The combination of wet coil surface and dirt and debris creates an ideal situation of mold and bacteria growth that spreads around the house as the air passes.

Coil HVAC sterilization lights are one of the best and most common UV Lights available in the market. Single and dual lamp models are available that provide you the ability to cleanse your air completely. For this purpose, the technicians will install coil sterilization lights that allow them to shine directly on the surface of the coil. These lights are left on constantly for cleansing purpose.

Air Sanitizing Lights:

This is one of the most common type of air sterilizing that is available in the markets. This type of air sanitizing is installed on the return air as their main purpose is to kill airborne germs and mold. Most of the manufacturers use stick and u-shaped lamps as they are most effective in dealing such germs.

There are a few air germicidal HVAC lights that are coordinated with blower motor as they tend to turn on and off as they usually do. It is the reason you should ensure that they are hard wired with the system as it helps to increase the installation cost that tends to be on the higher end of the spectrum.