How Tawaaf e Kaaba was interrupted even Before Corona

before corona

We all know that on March 5 2020, Saudi Arabia closed the Kaaba vicinity due to the increased fears of Corona killer impacts. I am happy that I had been the luckiest enough for having my splendid spiritual time in wintery days of December. It was the most special time that I had on the holiest land on this entire earth.

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The world is still under Corona panic. Saudi Govt. is too worried to go for spiritual itineraries in summers.  For now they have opened Mataf for limited local circumambulation.  Tawaaf is still closed for the majority Muslim world.

Tawaaf was Banned Many Times before Corona

I know many of us are taking this Kaaba closure decision as unusual or something really impossible. But do you know that Kaaba closure is not a new thing. It is not the first time in Arabian history that the performers are prevented from landing the House of their Almighty.

There are a few recorded instances in Saudi history in which KaabaTawwaf was interrupted or stopped even before Corona crises. These instances are as follows

First Siege of Mecca 683 AD

The enemy attacks on Kaaba started within a century after the death of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Kaaba was severely damaged in an ancient tribal fight in the first siege of Mecca.  The ancient tribal war after Prophet’s  time was happened between  Ummaids and Muslim ruler Abdullah Bin IbneZubair (R.A) in which Kaaba wall was cracked by Catapult stones.

Second Siege of Mecca 692

Kaaba was again damaged in the second horrific tribal war in Mecca that occurred just 9 years after the first one. The Holy Square was bombarded with stones again.

The destructed Kaaba wall was rebuilt at the orders of Caliph MaalikIbne Marwan with a shape that existed in Prophet (SAW)’s time.

Floods in Arabia

In Islamic literature, the history of floods and downpours are recorded in which Kaaba walls were collapsed.  The Square structure was then rebuilt in Ottoman Empire.

Destructive Floods of 1941

The Arabian history records the massive floods in 1941. This is the time in which Kaaba was closed but the Tawaaf (circumambulation) was stopped.  In the oldest photographs, an expectedly Behraini man named Sheikh al Awadi is seen performing Tawaaf by swimming in the high flood water in Kaaba.

Seige 1979

The 1979 Saudi history saw a horrific time in terms of KaabaTawaaf. 200, Arabian civilians took hold on the Grand mosque and threatened to overthrow the House of Saud. The whole country remained petrified for two weeks and saw hundreds of causalities.

It is said that KaabaTawaf was stopped in those disturbing days.

Kaaba Reconstruction 1996

It was the time when Tawaaf was temporarily stopped as Mataaf outskirts were restricted for the reconstruction of Kaaba.