Top Things To Do in Cairo in One day


Traveling to the warm destinations in this season is what mostly the people from the western countries are doing. I myself with my husband has just completed my trip to Morocco with Virikson Holidays. I found Morocco and the countries of the same belt more convenient to get because they are at short distances from the UK. Egypt would be my next destination and it is also just 5 hours on the flight from London.

I visited Egypt but that was in 2011, in an assignment given as a journalist. On that trip, I fell in love with Cairo and thought to visit the place again.I’m intended to visit Egypt soon, you are also suggested to visit the place and get ready to fell in love with Cairo. This blog is to tell you about things you can do on your trip to Cairo.

Things to do in Cairo

Here are some of the activities and attractions in Cairo travelers can follow.

Visit the Giza Necropolis:

Travelers when they reach Cairo, mostly visit the very attractive place which is Giza Necropolis. The reason is that this place is historically very significant and ready to give you unique experiences. The whole location of the Necropolis is having Pyramid of Khafre, Pyramid of Menkaure and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Great Sphinx is also so attractive, get there to take the images for Instagram, write something about that very strange statue. The statue is of the lion’s body and a human face. It is a mythical idea and links you with historical facts. Must visit the place and get the perfect memories of your life.

Say Hello to the Mummies in the Egyptian Museum:

It is the most amazing thing when you enter to the Egyptian Museum, you face a big Statue of the Pharoah King Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye. When I was there in Cairo, I could only visit a few places and this was one of them. It is literally amazing to stroll in the Museum and imagine those statues alive and talking to you.

The Museum preserves old mummies of humans, especially the kings, and eminent personalities and the animal species. I could also see a mummy of hundreds of year-old mummy of a Champansy. I was scared a little when you visit such places for the first time, obviously, you do.

Stroll into the Old Cairo:

People do have a romance of strolling in the old streets and go into their nostalgia. My nature is the same, I also love to discover the old streets and want to stroll to find my stories behind the old doors of hundreds-year-old towns, villages.

You will be lead to meet old people, interact with the locals and seek something new and unique. Don’t miss to visit the old walled Cairo, it really worth a visit.

Khan el Khalili Bazar:

A lot of tales about the Bazars of Egypt are famous, what inspired me is the old traditional products, souvenirs, decoration pieces in Khan el Khalili Bazaar in Cairo. What I have chosen to buy from there are the lanterns and the leather bags. There are a lot of other very fascinating things. If you are going to Cairo, must visit the Bazar.

Tahrir Square, a very Historic place:

I remember when I was in Cairo for my journalistic assignments, interviews and little reporting,Tahrir Square was the center of that revolutionary movement in 2011. Tehrir Square got international fame for the tourists too.

Must visit the Historic place and get Some Snaps for your connections on social media. Say something about that picture too.

Visit the Famous Mosques in Cairo:

Because Egypt is an Islamic country, it has a lot of Mosques too. You need to visit the top famous Mosques in the town namely Al-Azhar Mosque, Mosque –  Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, Mosque of IbneTulun, Mosque of Muhammad Ali, and Al- Hussain Mosque. There are a number of other Mosques too if you get time visiting these Mosques, you can visit some more. What you can find from these places is the old architecture, design and artwork on the walls of the Mosque.

There are a lot of other places in Cairo, like the waterparks, amusement Parks, old Palaces, Cetadrals, and whatnot. This thing you should never miss on your trip to Cairo is here.

Visit the Bridge of Nile:

Cairo is also known as a city of lights and colors. Visiting a very historic bridge of Nile would introduce you to those colors and lights. Standing on the one edge of the bridge and overview the very scenic and lively Cairo is a perfect activity to do and save in your memories.

Take some good pictures of the landscape, and of course of yourself being there. Post them on social media to get the response of your connections on it. It is literally amazing.