How to choose a credit card payment app for Android


There are so many credit card payment apps online! Going through all of these apps to choose which one suits you is similar to going through a maze. Each app has so many features, conditions, terms, fees and rates.

It is genuinely difficult for a busy individual to go through all that and decide the best one. Additionally, it can also be difficult to compare all of these apps because the criterion isn’t uniform. There are varying degrees of services offered by each online credit card app.

If you are looking for an appropriate credit card app for your android device, keep reading to know more.

Here is what you need to keep in mind when looking for the right app –

Pricing model

It is one of the most critical factors that will tip the scales in favour of an app. The app should fit within your budget and give you all the required facilities, if not more. Generally, the pricing consists of a flat fee along with a transaction fee in some cases. It costs typically 2 – 4% per transaction.

However, for people doing a heavy load of transactions, some apps even offer a tiered model, where they charge less per trade if your account meets a minimum transaction criterion.

The pricing model of an app is fundamental to study. You need first to recognise your need and then look for a credit card app that meets the pricing model requirement.

Contract terms and conditions

Many credit card apps function on a transaction basis. They charge a small percentage of the transaction amount. Other apps go by a flat rate price as well. Here, you have to pay a flat rate monthly or yearly.

So, if you are an individual that wishes to transfer amount infrequently, you should go for the first category. Similarly, if you have a lot of transactions in a month, it makes sense to get one of the flat rate apps. The size of amounts transferred will also help you guide which one you should go with.

Third-party integrations

Third-party app integrations are not an additional benefit anymore. Most businesses require such combinations for smooth functioning. So, even if this is not your business requirement as of now, it is prudent to invest in an app that has third-party integration for future purposes. Head to the website to know more.

Such apps ensure smooth functioning by streamlining all the sales data entering your systems. For example, some credit card apps can offer an integration to a point-of-sale software to your accounting software. It ensures that you do not have to go through the task of documenting transactions again and again. It is an essential process as redoing transactions can also lead to errors in accounting systems.

NFC -enabled card readers

Near field communication, also known as NFC enabled card readers are the new trend this credit card industry is taking to. These cards allow the user to tap the card or the mobile for payment rather than waiting for a card swipe and transaction processing. It is an easy route to take for any business that wants to keep things moving quickly and easily. Read to know more here.

Make sure the online credit card app you choose has this option so that transactions are more relaxed, quicker and hassle-free.


It is another must for a credit card app. When it comes to your financial transactions generating regular, accurate and canned reports are a must. Or, in other words, useful analytics should also be provided by the online credit card app. Here, you should be able to see your transactions and analyse them. Credit card apps also come with different filters that you can click and choose to see your purchases with.

You can even apply for a credit card app with your financial lender. Ideally, who has given you an app will be able to manage your card and transactions better. However, you should not compromise on the need you require an app for.

Managing your finances and credit card transactions is a step further to becoming more money-smart. Choose and pick the best option from the market, all the while ensuring it is a steal for money and fitting your pocket.

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