Tips to Manage The Education of Learners at Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic


To contain the spread of COVID-19, schools across countries have moved to learning online at home. But, amidst dealing with the stress of pay cuts, and managing work from home and household chores together, taking care of children 24X7 and making them learn effectively may seem like a Herculean task. Nonetheless, the situation has to be managed instead of panicking during this unprecedented outbreak. How should one get started? Well, here are a few tips shared by the experts from the best CBSE nursery schools in Gurgaon. Have a look! 

Maintain the Pre-COVID school routine :

While staying home to continue learning safely, children should not feel as if it’s the holiday time. Talk to them and make them understand why such a change has been introduced to their routine. Make them learn the importance of finding and sticking to a routine. Make a time-table that should be followed by children during this time. As children learn better from examples, parents should also stick to a routine. Make sure that the daily schedule is in line with the timings for the online classes conducted by the schools. School teachers have been taking classes online and implementing some of the most creative ways to engage the little ones. Stick the daily schedule on the cupboard or refrigerator or anywhere children can see it each day. Along with longer breaks for lunch and snacks, you must include mini-breaks from online work or schoolwork to relax their eyes and minds.

Allocate a comfortable place

In all the top innovative schools in Gurgaon, children have dedicated spaces to sit, play, read books, etc. Follow this at home as well. Allocate a well-lit, well-ventilated place where children can sit, attend classes, and do their homework. Make sure that the screen of the laptop, PC, or tablet is at the eye-level to prevent strain on the child’s neck and back. Tell them to sit straight as much as possible.

Give them nutritious food

Being at home does not mean to allow children to have anything and everything that they would like to feast upon. Make them eat healthy food and at regular intervals. Too many carbs or fats lead to drowsiness, which affects concentration and productivity. So, serve nutritious meals as much as possible when the classes are on.

Minimize news consumption

While it may seem the need of the hour to keep ourselves updated during the pandemic, watching news day in and day out can increase fear and anxiety too. Consider watching the news at specific times in a day. If you are watching the news with your child, discuss it with them, and correct any misinformation or misinterpretation that can affect a child’s perception negatively. Take it as an opportunity to reiterate that if they attend online classes sincerely, they will be safe without having to miss out on their studies.

Limit screen time

During these times of online education, it is a paradox to aim at limiting the time children spend staring at screens. Yet, it is imperative to do so in order to ensure eye health and mental well-being. Talk to your children what they like to watch on TV, or the games they like to play on their mobile and PC, and then fix a time slot when they can do so. Getting blue-light filter glasses is also recommended.

Be in touch with the teachers

Consult your child’s teachers to take stock of your child’s progress. You may also discuss educational online and offline activities your children should do.

Get creative

Real-life learnings should accompany online classes. For example, if your child is learning the names of fruits and vegetables in their class, make them stand next to you while working in the kitchen and discuss the topic with them. Show them the fruits and veggies stocked in the kitchen and ask them to name them. Similarly, counting objects, demonstration of scientific facts, etc. can also be taught this way.

 Use social media judiciously

Social distancing may leave learners feeling isolated and without peer support. Try video chats to help your child stay connected to their friends. Use apps that provide quality content such as puzzles, games, learning a new language, etc. to keep children busy constructively.   

 Spend quality time with children

In these times, when learners are already away from their friends, it is of paramount importance to dedicate at least an hour solely to them. Make them feel heard and be an active co-participant in activities like exercises, playing, reading, etc.

It may be a bit overwhelming to manage learners all day long, but it is the best option that parents have to ensure children’s health and safety. These tips will surely go a long way to help you meet this goal. Pick the best essay writing service uk for your assignment.