How To Increase The Breast

breast size

Probably there is no woman in the world who would not want to have a beautiful and large breast. Statistical surveys show that almost 90% of women are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts that they currently have.

So, no matter how stupid it may sound, the breast size can be increased well, or shaped. So, what do you need to do?

However, many of them are thinking about how to increase the breast. Of course, there is a way to solve the problem quickly, once and for all. But we heard about plastic surgery of the breast, as well as about the complications and problems caused by the artificial bust. But, surgical breast augmentation is expensive. And not every girl can afford it. It is more reasonable to use other methods.

  1. Muscle pumping

The chest muscles are supported by the pectoral muscles, and they, like any other muscles of the body, can be pumped up and strengthened. On the Internet or in the fitness club you can always find out what exercises with exercise machines and at home on the rug will help to work out the muscles of the chest. The muscles will grow stronger and grow older, and the chest will look larger.

  1. Drink milk

Grandmothers advise eating more cabbage so that the breasts grow. But it’s more like folk fun. But on the basis of many studies, it can be assumed that products such as milk and papaya juice contribute to breast growth. Vitamins and nutrients contained in them, favorably influence and stimulate the growth of breast tissue.

  1. Rub the cream

There is no makeup that will increase breast volume, but good plant-based creams can make breast skin firmer and even slightly raise the breast. The main thing is that the cream was natural, and not from perfume oil and fat.

  1. Add flax seeds to food

It is believed that breasts can become larger and more magnificent if the body has enough natural estrogen (a hormone responsible for the growth of the mammary glands). So phyto-estrogen is found in flax seeds. And many lovers of “herbal pharmacies” use it with yogurt or kefir to achieve bust growth.

  1. Push up

The most effective exercise that will allow you to build relief on the muscles of the chest. The chest will become stronger, the bust will rise, and at the same time the hands will acquire a beautiful shape.

  1. Do not forget about proteins

Proteins are needed not only to the those who live in the gym and eat protein shakes. Protein is also needed for the girl who decided to strengthen her chest muscles. Eat more dairy products, fish, meat, nuts. Avoid foods high in sugar, forget about fast food and soda. If you eat right, all parts of your body will benefit, not just your breasts.

  1. To do massage

A masseur is optional. You can massage your chest yourself. Massage stimulates blood flow, tissues receive more nutrients, become more elastic, do not lose elasticity.