SEO: Using It to Grow Your Site


SEO is about creating content and improving your website to make it as attractive as possible to both Google and your potential customers. The objective is to appear first on the results page when a consumer is looking for something related to what you are providing. SEO is the best marketing tool to attract visits to your website. You can do it by yourself if you know about SEO or you can also approach an agency which is providing SEO services in Lahore to better rank in search results.

What is organic traffic?

The organic traffic of a web page or a blog are all those visits that come from the page of results of a search engine, be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other. Organic traffic is the one that, on most websites, generates a more significant number of visits and higher quality, since they are users with a particular interest in the theme of our page or blog, differentiating themselves from direct traffic in that this is not It comes from a search by keywords, but because the user directly types the URL or has previously saved in favorites.

On the other hand, traffic from sponsored links, that is, from paid ads, is also not considered organic.

Why is organic traffic so important?

Organic traffic is essential for the success of a website and everything behind it: a brand, a company and, ultimately, an online business (for example, a clothing and accessories store that sells exclusively online), a real business (a restaurant or a hotel) or a combination of both (a physical supermarket that also sells online).

Its importance is not only quantitative (as we have commented is the traffic that contributes, by far, a higher number of visits), but also qualitative, since the visits that come to our website do not belong to any type of user, but someone with the following characteristics:

  • You have reached our page by searching through keywords or a phrase related (directly or indirectly) to our business or sector of activity.
  • This is someone interested in the theme of our website or, at least, some part of it.
  • You have reached our page naturally and non-intrusively. In other words: it is not on our website because we have attracted you with an intrusive or annoying ad.

The primary keys to increasing organic traffic

To increase organic or qualified traffic to your website, it is necessary to correctly define and implement a series of SEO ranking processes, techniques and strategies that take into account the different factors that influence the algorithm of Google and other search engines when establishing a position on your page after user searches.

These factors, due to their diversity and variety, have to do with different areas of action such as keyword research, internal and external link strategy, page architecture, loading speed, etc.

The ranking of a page is a complex issue, so the choice of the best keys to increase traffic involves an intense exercise of synthesis and discarding also essential questions, to select those that have a higher weight.

Following these premises, this is our selection of 5 keys to improve our organic traffic:

  1. Define objectives and your buyer persona. To set a course that guides us in the content and design of our page, it is essential to be clear about what we want to achieve and who we are targeting.
  2. Use the contents based on a strategy. It is already known that content is king on the Internet, but among the tangle of existing information, it is complex to make a difference and have sufficient visibility. To have greater clarity, it is essential to create content optimized for SEO, based on a previous search for the keywords that interest us the most and on and off-page actions
  3. Do link building. Links, links that point to our website from other sites, are another excellent way to generate quality traffic, provided that it is done with appropriate methods and approved by Google, that is, they cannot be considered spam.
  4. Create responsive content. In other words, all parts of our website can be viewed with ease for the user from any device. We cannot forget that, currently, much of internet browsing from the small screens of smartphones.
  5. Practice analytics. Monitoring and analysis of results, using the appropriate KPIs, will allow us to optimize our strategies and make necessary corrections.

DIY (Do It Yourself) or professional SEO services of a company

It is very much in line with what we have just explained to you. Customer acquisition is one of the most important aspects of any company.

  • Are you going to risk doing it yourself and it won’t work?
  • Or that it may even mean a penalty from the search engine?

Learning SEO is an option, but be honest: how long will it take? Will you learn enough to reach the level of an SEO company in Lahore that has been providing services for years?

That is why we insist, the web ranking of your company is something that directly influences the turnover of your business; it is not something that you can leave to chance.

An SEO agency is a company dedicated to positioning your business in Google by specific keywords, and thus attract potential customers to your company. In other words, an SEO company helps you increase your turnover by improving customer acquisition on the Internet.

I hope that this article helps you to understand SEO to do by yourself or the selection of an agency for this purpose.