Skin Care Tips From Raashi Khanna [Tamil Movie Actress]

Raashi Khanna

Hello friends how are you? Hope you are well. Today I will discus about a famous actress’s skin care rutine. I am talking about Raashi Khanna.  Whom we have seen starring in many popular Tamil  movies. She a beautifull actress with cute looks. Many of her followers have asked for share her skin care routine. So in an Interview Raashi Khanna share her skin care rutine. Please read the wole article you you wants to know about her skin care rutine. If you want to know about bollywood actress and Tollywood actress biography visit this site famous biography

Hi I am Raashi Khanna today I am gonna be talking about my skincare regimen Ummm I basically blessed with good skin thanks to my mom but I have to do a lot to take care of it now that I am in this profession I am going to share with you some tips of dos and don’ts during the college days it was pretty simple washing my face, toning and moisturizing and I used to use clinique face wash it is really nice it was simple back then and I didn’t know the importance of sun-screen so really never applied one till I joined films. You can check a bollywood actor biography. kartik aryaan biography

Because once I joined films you know you are working day out and day in there’s so much of dust and there’s so much of so much of sunlight the UV rays and all of that it took a toll on my skin so I started using a sunscreen and I realized you need to use sunscreen that is uh 50+ of SPF basically for your skin and that really helped me so I don’t get easily tanned now and apart from that I swear by home remedies any time I had a pimple on my face there is a small trick that I will tell you squeeze papaya and apply on skin and the next day you will not have any pimple trust me it works big time and I apply a lot of Multani mud pack on my face and now that I have been doing back to back films it is even more important for me to take extra care of my skin uh so I make sure that I apply a really good moisturizer.

I will use a moisturizer I use for my skin in the morning and before I sleep it is Kiehl’s super multi-corrective cream and it does wonders for my skin it’s really nice so after I wash my face I apply this and then before I do my makeup I use this primer it is a YSL product and it’s really nice so I take care of my skin like really well now and there is this is for my under eyes because we get no sleep we really need to take care of our eyes and our dark circles and this is from Shisheido and it’s really nice it’s an eye corrective something eye cream it’s an eye cream so I use this in the night I really take care of my skin yeah and apart from that it’s really important that eat well for good skin and the most important thing to have good skin is to remove your makeup before you sleep it’s very important I dread it because after hours of working.

I am really tired but I still make it a point to remove everything on my face uh that helps and cause I need my skin to breathe a lot that’s very important so on days when I am not shooting I have absolutely no makeup on that also helps and uh apart from that as I said the home remedies that I apply Multani mud pack on my face I use papaya whenever I have pimples on my face and I swear by Aloe vera juice aloe vera juice either you drink it in the morning or you also get some uh some products that you can apply on your face before you sleep so if you apply that that’s really good like cold-pressed aloe vera juice just apply it on your face for glowing skin and apart from that obviously what you eat shows on your face that’s totally true I eat a lot of fruits and I drink a lot of water that’s very important.

I think a lot of women today use exfoliators every day you shouldn’t do that because that actually it takes away a lot from your skin like it makes it rough so just use an exfoliator once in a week using it is very important so use an exfoliator once in a week and not everyday umm and uh so what you don’t need to do to have a good skin you don’t need to eat a lot of fried stuff stay away from me trust me I hope these tips really help you in maintaining glowing skin and thanks for the reading the wole article.

Summary : So friends, this is Raashi Khanna’s skin care routine. You must comment on how you like it. Thanks for reading our article.