What to Expect from a Luxury Hotel Stay in the United States


Get Ready for Comfort, Entertainment, Cuisine, and More

 Anyone planning a vacation or business trip to the United States should consider booking a room in a luxury hotel, especially if you want to maximize the quality of your experience, your comfort level, and your access to special amenities and activities.

A luxury hotel stay is very different from what you’d expect from a two-star motel chain. In fact, once you stay in upscale accommodations, you’ll never want to go back. Keep reading to learn what you can expect and why you’ll prefer the luxury experience over what a typical hotel provides.

 Popular Location
Luxury hotels are usually positioned in areas of the city where you’ll have easy access to lively and interesting activities and sights. As such, you can expect incredible views from your room or suite’s windows, depending on where it’s located within the building.

Concierge Services
Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the United States city you’re visiting, you may need a local’s help to arrange visits to places you want to go. A concierge desk at a luxury hotel has connections throughout the community and can get you reservations at exclusive restaurants, tickets to special events, and even private tours of museums and other cultural institutions.

Not only can the concierge help make your trip special, but they’ll also save you a lot of your own time, so you can focus on rest and rejuvenation.

Fine Dining and Lively Cocktails
Most luxury hotels are complete with a fine dining establishment and upscale cocktail bar, so you can enjoy a meal and drinks without venturing out. This is especially handy if you’re arriving later in the evening and don’t want the added stress of navigating the city after a long day of traveling.

Chef-created menus and cocktails in the hotel restaurant and bar are sure to please any palate, and you can even have most menu items delivered to your room.

 Upscale Amenities
Luxury hotels often offer a long list of amenities you can enjoy without leaving the building – especially important if you’re simply planning to relax during your trip, or if the weather is less than desirable one day.

Look for luxury hotels that offer day spas, swimming pools with cabanas, exclusive fitness centers, hot tubs and saunas, and more. If you’re bringing along your children, they’ll be pleased to find that modern luxury accommodations often include access to entertainment like virtual-reality sports. That certainly sounds like more fun than watching cable TV all day in a basic hotel.

Comfortable Beds and Linens
When it’s time to tuck yourself in for the night, wouldn’t you rather do so on a comfortable mattress with high-thread-count sheets? A luxury hotel offers these, along with pillow options that let you customize your snooze.

There’s nothing more important than feeling rested so you have the energy to explore a new city – and a luxury hotel bed can help with that.

Premium Hygiene Supplies
Although you are welcome to tote along your shampoo, conditioner, and lotion in full size bottles, you don’t have to when your accommodations are at a luxury hotel in the United States. Here, your hotel will provide high-end beauty brands that keep your hair and skin looking and feeling their best. You may even find bonus products, like bath salts, so you can relax more deeply in the soaker tub in the marble bathroom.

As an added bonus, because you don’t have to pack every hygiene supply, you’ll have more room in your luggage for souvenirs or an extra pair of shoes.

Excellent Service
In the United States, you can expect guest experience to be the top priority at luxury hotels. Quality customer service attracts quality guests – and luxury hoteliers know how to treat you right.

If you want to be largely ignored, you can stay at a motel. But if you want to feel like a valued guest, a luxury hotel is for you.

Value for the Investment
You can expect to pay more per night at a luxury hotel than a “regular” one, and that might scare away someone looking for a cheap trip. However, when you consider the entire experience of staying in an upscale hotel, you’ll find that it’s entirely worth it.

Tip: Make Your Reservation Early
Luxury hotel rooms book quickly, especially those in popular cities like New York, Austin, and Napa, and particularly if the hotel offers specialized amenities.

To ensure you get to stay in a room you love, make your luxury hotel reservation as early as possible in your trip-planning, and always book directly with the hotel, never through a third-party website.