Know When Will You Get Married

Dr Vinay Bajrangi

We bet, even you are curious to know, when will you get married? That’s why you are reading here! This is a very natural question in the mind of most youngsters of marriageable age: when will I get married? Many people much focused on career or due to family constraints also miss the best time for getting married. The quest: when will I get married then becomes a desperate move and many times, one  has to compromise in selecting the best life partner.

Astrology certainly helps to know the timing of marriage. With the help of astrological combinations and calculations, one may get detailed information about his/her married life, including necessary details about your spouse. Marriage astrology, as a branch of Astrology, is an ancient wonder that may surprise you with its impeccable predictions about your marriage.

Know your Marriage Horoscope: 

Your question: when will I get married – need reading of your horoscope for marriage by consulting a marriage astrologer who, after carefully analyzing the different prospects of the birth chart, may give valuable hints related to your marriage. In Astrology, several factors can be seen to predict the timing of someone’s marriage. The present marriage yoga in the birth chart, supportive Dasha, and transit facilitate marriage for a native.

  1. All 12 houses in the horoscope show different aspects of your life, from birth to death. Out of these 12 houses, the seventh house is the main house of marriage. However, other houses like 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 12th are equally important, but in a broad manner, the 7th house has to be analyzed to know the overall tone of someone’s marriage.
  2. Then, the planets Venus and Jupiter are important. They are called the karaka planets of marriage. In simple language, if they are weak, badly placed, or afflicted in the birth chart, the native has to face hardships in married life.
  3. The benefic or malefic influence on the 7th house may predict about the success or failure of a marriage. Planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon add auspiciousness to marriage, while malefic planets like Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu cause troubles in marriage.
  4. Apart from the afflictions caused by negative planets, various kundli Dosha like Mangal Dosha, Rahu Dosha, Aangarak Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha etc. are also analyzed while making marriage predictions. Read much in depth on marriage astrology for all aspects related to marriage.
  5. The Lagna and D-9 (Navamsa) charts are majorly seen to know about marriage possibilities.
  6. The 7th lord and its strength in both the abovementioned charts help to identify marriage yoga for a native. There has to be an affirmation of marriage yoga before knowing when you will get married.

Once the yoga is affirmed, the marriage astrologer looks for the supportive Dasha, which is generally of the 7th Lord. However, the Dasha of Venus and Jupiter also helps in getting a person married. They are the karaka of marriage and facilitate a marriage during their Dasha period. There are many instances where even after having strong marriage yoga, the person couldn’t marry in the absence of a favorable Dasha period for marriage. Hence, a Janam kundli analysis is required to know about the supportive Dasha planets and the ways to strengthen them.

Now, after knowing about yoga and the right Dasha, the transit is the last thing to ascertain the timing of marriage. In astrology, Jupiter and its aspect at the seventh house during the transit is very helpful in the marriage of a person, among other factors. When looking for the timing of marriage, the transit of Jupiter, Saturn, and the 7th lord is very important. The 9th house is a house of fortunes or bhagya sthaan for a native. If, during transit, both Saturn and Jupiter activate the 9th house, there are strong chances of the native getting married. In Astrology, the double transit of Jupiter and Saturn is highly significant in knowing the occurrence of an event.

 Horoscope Matching for Marriage: 

If it’s time for wedding bells for you, the last and final step is to perform horoscope matching for marriage. Here, one thing is important to understand, when you are running a favorable Dasha and transit with good yoga in your birth chart, marriage proposals tend to come constantly. Now, there is a need to choose the most suitable one. For this you need to match the horoscopes for marriage. Horoscope matching for marriage is a very delicate exercise that decides the level of marital bliss based on compatibility between life partners. Many depend just on tools for gun matching, consider the bench mark of 18 out 36 for taking a decision either way. Many take this mathematical score just an exercise to convince each other or parents. This happens mainly in Love marriages. Do not do it. Life before and after marriage takes 360 degree turn. Gun matching is not the sole criterion for horoscope matching. Rather it is the foundation to check the horoscope matching for marriage. It is not just gun matching but several other significant factors, including the Rashi lords, nakshatra lords, and the position of karakas and 7th lord in Lagna and Navamsa chart need to be checked for a perfect life partner prediction.

Another very important factor is to check: what are the cancellation and counterbalancing effects if there are Doshas like Mangal Dosh, Nadi Dosha or Bhakoot Dosha. I can state with authority, majority of astrologers do not check these points. They will only pronounce a Dosha in the horoscope without checking this most significant aspect of Horoscope matching. This results in a big NO from conventional way and sometimes you miss the best life partner for you.

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